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Hi fellow DB greeners,

Occasionally I get emails from green organisations that I want to pass on. This one is from GREENPEACE Australia Pacific in regards tuna. If you like to eat canned tuna make an informed decision- obviously avoid blue and yellowfin tuna but where possible find out what you can about the brands and their fishing methods. Some methods are quite destructive to all marine life. Find out more from this article below…

Dear Kate 

Last Thursday we launched our latest Canned Tuna Ranking at the Sydney Aquarium – this new ranking has some exciting features, thanks to you.

Because people like you took action after we released our previous ranking, the Australian tuna industry has made huge improvements towards tuna fishing and protecting our oceans. But unfortunately, it still has a long way to go. We’re still negotiating with all the brands and adding your voice again will impact their decisions.

> TAKE ACTION: Tell tuna brands to change their tuna
View Greenpeace’s 2011 Canned Tuna Ranking

The good news

•    We’re delighted to announce, we now have the first Australian tuna brand that has ruled out destructive fishing methods! Safcol has committed to using 100% pole and line caught Skipjack tuna, the most sustainable tuna product. This is a remarkable achievement and is the result of consumers like you demanding positive change.

•    Nearly all brands have now ruled out using overfished Yellowfin tuna. This includes repeated offenders, Woolworths.

•    Many brands, like Coles, have now shown support for the creation of marine reserves, as well as improved how they label their cans so consumers can make an informed choice.

The bad news

•    Besides leaders Fish4Ever and Safcol, no other tuna brand has ruled out using destructive fishing methods. This is very distressing. We’re calling for an urgent ban on fish aggregation devices (FADs) used with purse seine fishing. This harmful fishing method is responsible for widespread killing of marine life, such as endangered sharks and turtles, and juvenile tuna.

•    Bottom of the table, Sirena, refuses to rule out using overfished Yellowfin tuna.

•    Too many brands continue to shirk responsibility for their role in the overfishing crisis. All brands must not only stop using destructive fishing methods and overfished species, but support marine reserves, improve the labelling of their product and introduce a sustainability policy.

TAKE ACTION: Tell tuna brands to change their tuna

The entire UK tuna industry has switched to sustainable tuna fishing practices following widespread consumer action. It’s time the Australian industry also changes its tuna.

Thank you for defending our oceans.

Nathaniel Pelle
Oceans Campaigner
Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Greenpeace - Australia Pacific

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