Exercise with the trees and household cleanup- email 4th Dec ’10

Posted on December 4th, 2010 in Group emails past to present,Tree Planting by Kate Wade

Hi folks,

Our trees are suffering with the lack of rain so John will be watering them from 10am till 1pm today. If you were planning on going to the gym or going for a hike or bike ride then why not bring your exercising buddies and exert your energy for good today. There’s even the Indian water pumper /stepper if you’re looking for a more traditional work out! Watering trees is heavy work and great exercise- you may even find those muscles that customarily don’t get worked as much. For those of you wanting gentle exercise we can have you walking around with a hose.
You can find John up the hill on the way to the Lookout point. Head up towards the golf course- about 2/3rds up take a right at the concrete road that heads to the Lookout- go about 50m and look out for signs of life on your left.
Many hands make light work so any help is great!
Can’t find John- call him on 94575548.

Also for those of you living in the Greens or Siena 2 or Peninsula there is a furniture exchange day today (like council cleanup in Australia/NZ)- take out any unwanted or broken furniture, household items etc to designated spots in your village (see the poster in your lobby) and they will be picked up free of charge. Passers by are welcome to take any items they find useful. You have till 5pm tomorrow. If you would like to see your village get involved in this for next time let me know.

Have a great weekend!


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