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Opening of LOHAS Square
To be organized every Sunday at Star Ferry Central Pier from 19 April 2009 onwards, LOHAS Square @ Central is the first public platform in Hong Kong promoting the Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability. Through a fair-trade market and education platform featuring local production for local consumption, LOHAS Square @ Central aims to promote local resilience on economy, community development, environmental conservation and healthy living. The Square facilitates cooperation between NGOs, social enterprise, conservation groups, self-employed artist, local organic farmers and consumers to jointly develop a collaborative community to enhance sustainability, health and happiness in our every day life.

LOHAS Square Opening Ceremony and “Rethink Waste” Art-piece unveiling
Date: Sunday, 19 April 2009
Time: 11:00-17:00
Venue: The Star Ferry Central Pier
Enquiry: 24837120 / 27392481
Rethink Waste is the theme of first LOHAS Square @ Central on 19 April to urge community actions to collaborative solve the waste problem by reducing waste. Four architecture master degree students in over 400 man-hour made “Rethink Waste” of over 4 tonnes of household waste. Although “Rethink Waste” is a giant art piece covering an area of 50m2, its weight is only equivalent to 0.05% of the household waste produced in Hong Kong in one day! Through “Rethink Waste”, the master students have examined flexibility of using urban waste as building material in the creation process on one hand, and hoping to arouse public to rethink about our consumption behaviour on the other hand.
Theme programmes for 19 Apr 09 include vermicomposting workshop, zero-waste cookery demonstration, road show, craft-making from junk and announcing research finding the TPEA’s Amazing Journey of Waste project. Other regular programmes include One Tonne Challenge to combat climate change, a Organic Farmers Market run by over 13 local organic farmers, energy efficiency display and energy efficient product sale booths, and many others.

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