Can you help at FLEA MARKET today- email 18th Jan

Posted on January 18th, 2009 in Events,Fund Raising,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade


If you are free for an hour or 2 today between 11 and 5 come down to the plaza and give us a hand at the DB Green Flea Market stall (numbers 9 and 10). More helpers required to help sell and we also need 3 people to stand in line to reregister for the next flea market. Registration starts about 2pm- bring a drink and a book or a friend to chat to as it can take a while. There are also plenty of bargains to be had and we have ALOT of stuff which we won’t possibly be able to put out in one go, so keep coming back to see what’s new. Remember buying second hand saves our precious natural resources (not to mention your pocket)! Call me on 98109070 if you can’t find the stall. Today is also the day that the Salvation Army does a pick up from the plaza so if you have any items that they want bring it down.

The usual spot.

Hope to see you down at the plaza today! It looks like another beautiful day!

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