Films 4 Change in DB – June 14 @ Zaks

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Join us for our next Film 4 Change movie night with Bag It.  Films 4 Change is an initiative supported by DB Green and hosted at Zaks in the plaza (upstairs). This monthly event will showcase documentary films with important and relevant themes on the environment, sustainability and health.

This months feature Bag It, winner of multiple film awards, follows the world of everyday plastic use with Jeb Berrier. Jeb does not consider himself an environmentalist, just an average guy who decides to take a closer look at how and why we use plastics. But the journey takes him beyond simply plastic bags to discover the potentially harmful health impact of all things plastic – from baby bottles, to sports equipment, to dental sealants, to personal care products. The harm these and single use plastics have on our health and the health of the other animal species is becoming more known as scientists and regular people like you, me and Jeb become conscious of the wider impact of plastic use.

The effect of broken down pieces of plastic and microplastics on marine life was made clearly evident this week. Researchers from Sweden have found that young fish preferred to eat plastic over plankton (a natural food source), just like teenagers like eating fast food. food sources. “They are basically fooled into thinking it’s a high-energy resource that they need to eat a lot of. I think of it as unhealthy fast food for teenagers, and they are just stuffing themselves.” Read More

Showing this film before the summer holidays is no coincidence. Making informed choices whatever the age will be important over the holidays. So bring along the children and especially the teens. Please share this event with friends, schools and others you think may be interested.

Tracey Read from Plastic Free Seas (our guest speaker) and I, along with a number of other people in HK, are doing a 14 day plastic challenge the results of which will be shared at the screening.

Films 4 Change is a community event where we hope to encourage conversation and action within the community on how we can all make a difference or be a part of the change. To facilitate this discussion as each screening we will invite a guest expert to speak to the audience about the issue as it relates to Hong Kong.

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