2016 Beach Cleanup Schedule

Posted on January 14th, 2016 in Beach Clean-up by Tracey

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The DB Green community beach cleanup program enables individuals, families, community groups and school students the ability to make a positive difference to the beaches and sea. Whether you want to participate because it is a fun, social and meaningful way to spend time with family and friends or you want a bit of purposeful exercise, or for students to help fulfil extracurricular requirements, we welcome your help and support.

DB Green supplies washable and reusable cotton gloves (you are also welcome to bring your own), buckets for collecting, trash bags (for landfill and for recycling), water bottle refills and first aid.

We ask that you wear appropriate clothing for the weather and shoes that protect your feet (there are hazards – particularly broken glass) and a full reusable water bottle.

If a school group would like to participate in one of the scheduled beach cleanups please contact dana (at) plasticfreeseas.org to arrange. *

If your company would like to participate in a beach cleanup please contact tracey (at) plasticfreeseas.org to arrange a tailor made program to suit your needs. *

Looking forward to seeing you on the beaches in 2016!

PS If you can’t make these dates you can always go to a beach anytime that suits you and do a mini clean – every effort counts!

* when using the above email addresses, please replace the (at) with @ the above is written to avoid spam being sent to these email addresses. We have enough rubbish to get rid of from the beaches, we don’t need it filling our inboxes too!

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