A busy 2 months!

Posted on October 16th, 2008 in Events,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

The recycling day on Sunday 12th October worked out well and I hope lots of people walked away knowing a little or a lot more about recycling! Thankfully the weather was good- none of the forecast rain and the displays and banners of information got plenty of attention. Big thanks to the people running the stalls: Gaelle, Tracey, Salina, Joan, Michelle, Chris, Dana and the helpers who gave them a break every now and then. Big thanks to Salina for getting all our information onto banners in a very short period of time and making them look legible and more interesting then I could ever hope to do AND for designing the poster. And to Michelle for standing up to talk about recycling to the crowd with virtually no warning. The school displays were great from DC the Wall-e world and DBIS did posters plus the green fingers club made some school students out of glowsticks from the beach cleanup after the lantern festival. They all looked awesome! Check out the photos here. All in all a successful day and we hope to do it again next year.

It has been a very busy couple of months, 4 beach cleanups, 1 open air market, one flea market, 2 meetings, Mariner Environmental Night and the big effort for the Recycling Day. There is a little time for a breather but still lots coming up so as always helpers and volunteers very welcome.

For Dana, Michelle and I in the recycling team this project has uncovered a need to attack and sort out the recycling on a village level so there will be a fair bit of work involved in that with city management and Winson.

No doubt there will be beach cleanups coming along to handle the debri from Cyclone Hagupit. Our 2 emergency beach cleanups the week before made a HUGE difference to this end of Nim Shue Wan beach- this time there was even removal of boats- check out the photos for Saturday 4th and Tuesday 7th. But there is still much to go to especially on the other side of the pier and Cheung Sha Lan beach. We used skips this time so will try to do that again. Standby for details.

The flea market is always fun and we raised nearly $1600- with lots of items just selling for a few dollars there was a large volume of ‘stuff’ getting a chance at a second life! A VERY BIG THANKYOU to the people helping out on the day- if I start listing the helpers I am going to forget someone so I apologise in advance for not thanking you personally- it was a really HOT day and you worked tirelessly so you deserve a slap on the back!! We had fun together and hope to see you for the next one in December. Start saving up those items for someone else to get better use of. I am going to tell my family this is where they can find me a Christmas present this year (with the added bonus that if I don’t like it I can put it out for the flea market in March!)

The Mariner Club education night was organised by Michelle and it was well attended. There were 3 presenters, Michelle for DB Green on recycling , a gentleman on the sewerage holding tanks that are required to be fitted to each DB Mariner boat by Jan 1 and finally talking about using chemicals in your home- not good for the fishies- or you. This presenter told us that recent studies in America have shown that woman working at home have 54% higher chance of cancer than those with jobs away from home and it has been credited to the chemicals we use in our households that simply aren’t good for us. Big thank you to the Mariner Club who put on a free drink and food for the evening plus provided the bouncy castle for kids and games to play. We will look to do more evenings like this for different villages- focusing on recycling for all members of the household.

I think I’ve covered other events in previous emails so I’ll leave it at that. I’ll be away with my family for a few weeks- they’ve missed me lately! I’ll let you know what’s coming up as and when it arises.

BIG THANKS to all of you for your support and participation- it has been a crazy exhausting couple of months but alot of fun- and more so because of the people volunteering whose company has made it so enjoyable! I must give special thanks to my husband Nick who has done so many jobs with each event and not received nearly enough credit!

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