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Posted on May 25th, 2014 in Air and Water Quality,Events by Kate Wade
Please see the information below detailing what is happening about the incinerator and other related waste issues. The incinerator WILL have a huge impact on Discovery Bay, and it is in our best interests to be aware of the issues and make your voice heard via the petitions, the protest, etc. 
Please share with your friends and your village residents. The protest is tomorrow so please forward as soon as you can.
Watch this short video to understand why the proposed incinerator is not the right solution
Dear All

A message from the Living Islands Movement –

Dear Members and Friends

The efforts to stop the Incinerator are continuing in many different ways throughout the community.  Huge thanks to everyone and please, please do continue with your efforts as we are now at a very critical stage.

Here are some of the ways people can continue to help (join in where you can):

1)  Join the protest rally being organized and led by ESF primary students on Monday 26 May.  Meet in the designated demonstration area at the harbour end of LegCo between 1:20-1:30. Kenneth Chan will receive the petitions and speeches at 1:45. It will last around 20-30 minutes.   LIM will supply banners and placards on the 12.10 ferry from Mui Wo and at 1.00 at the designated demonstration area.  Please wear black and / or white clothing (if possible) for maximum impact.

2)  Send letters to the Public Works Subcommittee prior to their vote to approve funding for the incinerator on Tuesday morning.  Keep sending them using the email addresses listed on

3)  Attend LegCo Public Works Subcommittee meeting which is discussing whether or not to approve funding for the incinerator at 9.00 am on Tuesday 27 May by booking a seat in the public gallery on 3919 3399.  This vote is no longer 3 (landfill extensions) + 1 (incinerator).  The landfill extensions have now all been approved by Public Works Subcommittee – if there is no-one in the public gallery on Tuesday our legislators might conclude that there is no opposition to the incinerator.  The East Lantau Metropolis (title on agenda of: 768CL Strategic studies for artificial islands in the Central Waters) will also be discussed at this meeting – but is the 5th item on the agenda so could be deferred.

4)  Share the video made by Cecilie Gamst Berg

You will probably recognize some of the valiant participants!

5) Submissions have been sent to the Town Planning Board supporting the IWMAG proposal to have sorting, separation and recycling facilities at all landfills (due on Friday 23 May though keep sending –

6)  Sign the petition calling for the HK Government to Reduce Waste at Source

7)  Visit this website which provides insights into the background of Government advisors on the Waste issue

And those are just what we know about!  Of course there are the great range of letters being sent into the newspapers too.

So keep up the momentum everyone.  If you know of other events then let us know and also post them on our Facebook page

In addition to these activities,  the LIM Committee is working on the issue of the East Lantau Megatropolis, the funding for which is also due to be discussed by the Public Works Subcommittee on Tuesday.

Finally, we really need some help with keeping our website updated.  Please contact us if you know or want to learn how to use WordPress.

The LIM Committee

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