Beach Cleanup Saturday, Tree Planting Sunday

Posted on April 11th, 2014 in Beach Clean-up,Events,Tree Planting by Kate Wade

A busy Green weekend!

BEACH CLEANUP: Saturday 1-4pm to at Sam Pak Wan (North Plaza beach).

Beach cleanup- bring your own water bottle and we’ll provide water refill, gloves, and, if you’ve worked really hard we’ll get some pizza to replenish you at the end!

TREE PLANTING: Sunday 9am till 4pm

Go up the road towards the golf course, taking a right at the concrete road that leads to the Lookout. Go about 100m and look for people on the hill on your left. If you can’t see anyone call the following numbers (they might be just on the other side of the hill). John Horwood on 9457 5548 or his wife Tiareti on 97328985. This is the first tree planting of the season and as they say- many hands make light work. All volunteers, experienced or not are welcome. We can usually find easy areas for our young folks to have a go and for some strapping students etc we’ll find you some tougher spots. Wear long trousers and long sleeve shirt and sturdy shoes or hiking boots. Bring your own water supply and picnic lunch if you’re making a day of it.

Hope to see you at one or both this busy weekend.




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