Youth Conference fundraising- help needed!

Posted on October 10th, 2013 in Air and Water Quality,Beach Clean-up,Events,Fund Raising,Recycling,Resources by Kate Wade

Hi DB Green,

As you may know our very own beach cleanup organiser (and my personal hero) Tracey Read, now has her very own NGO called Plastic Free Seas! Right now she is organising a Youth Conference in November for 100 students and 25 teachers, from 25 schools, with the aim of empowering those 25 schools  to make some radical changes in their waste management practices. A huge ambition with huge potential to reach so many… but also with a huge cost.

Tracey is working really hard on setting this up, gathering people, resources and developing the program- the first we hope of an annual youth conference. She is completely unpaid so all her time, effort and energy is fuelled by her vision of what we can do to help Hong Kong and benefit our oceans, beaches, landfill, schools, homes and most importantly our minds! There is no doubt we need a mental shift in the way we consume and use disposable items.

Tracey needs money to help with the expenses of this first conference. Everything helps and donations from you- either through your business or as a personal donation would be gratefully received and is tax deductible. There are some great ‘purchases’ you can make too- I’ve got myself a plastic free seas t-shirt and Kleen Kanteen water bottle! Tracey has set up a donation platform at Please note the donations are in USD not HKD. Please forward this link to any friends or companies who you think might like to help with this excellent educational and action planned event.

PFS YC 2013

Many thanks for your support from all of us at DB Green!

Kate Wade

P.S. What disposable items are you using today? Can you make a change and bring your own container, cutlery, mug tomorrow and from now on? Reuse your paper and envelopes? I’m making a change- from now on I am bringing my only cutlery everywhere I go! No more disposable knives forks and chopsticks for me! Tracey is working on a portable cutlery pack you can pop in your bag so keep an eye out for that one!

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