Emergency beach cleanup Saturday/Open Air Market Sunday- email 30th Sep 08

Posted on October 2nd, 2008 in Beach Clean-up,Events,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

Hi all,
So much has been going on and needs to be discussed that I’m not sure where to start. Let’s start with the most urgent- this weekend and I’ll save the rest for another email shortly.

Salina is organising an emergency cleanup day at Nim Shue Wan on Saturday and we want as many people as can possibly make it to get down there between 9am and 12noon. If you haven’t seen the destruction to the beaches and the absolute monstrous piles of rubbish from this last typhoon you will be surprised. It has never ever been this bad. (And such a shame coming so close after our International Coastal Cleanup last Saturday. Salina has written a summary of that event on the website and I’ve included it at the bottom of this email. Thankyou to all you great helpers and Hemingway’s for the after BBQ!)
The good news is that apparently a good turnout at Mui Wo beach last Sunday cleared much of the beach there- so it IS possible- and the other good news is that there is plenty of recyclables down there in the form of plastics. Most metal has already been scavenged as it is worth a fair bit of money- (you should have seen the thriving business on Friday with every man and his dog selling metal to the recycling company- photos on our Flickr site under recycling- Winson sept ’08) While plastics does not get the monetary return metal does it is still recycled so this would be a good place to start. All plastic gets recycled from bottles to bottle tops, buckets and containers of every shape and form, plastic bags and packaging! Try and empty out the contents of sand and water first and if you can, crush to decrease the space required for transportation though not essential. We hope to have some grey bags for you that are used for recycling in DB at the moment. There is a little old lady down there also who collects plastics- you could give to her or leave down the fence end of the beach to be picked up by Winson. Salina will be there and we won’t be doing registration this time- wear good foot wear as the rubbish is piled high.

OPEN AIR MARKET Sunday 10 am till 5pm
Denise is going to organise this day as I am away and she will need some helpers down during the day. You can turn up to the DB Green stall or if you can help her setup give her a call on 98326277 or email denisedsw@netvigator.com Please give her a hand if you have a free hour to sell the generously donated Earth Collection Clothes.

“ICC BEACH CLEANUP SEPTEMBER 20th- Salina’s write up…
A great big thank you to all those who took the time to come down to Nim Shue Wan and Cheung Sha Lan beaches on September 20 for the International Coastal Cleanup.
It was DB Green’s second International Coastal Cleanup, and we are so pleased to have started what is now an annual tradition in DB, giving individuals a chance to take part in an important global effort that raises awareness to the issues of marine debris. The International Coastal Cleanup, and all other regularly held beach cleanups, allow us to take a good hard look at the current state of our oceans… and at our responsibility to protect the ocean from harm.
Tons of rubbish, much of it plastic, can be picked up on beaches around the world on any given day. Rubbish layers the ocean floor and kills marine life that mistakes it for food. It has become increasingly necessary to actively work to improve the state of our ocean by taking matters into our own hands. It’s the little things that count, like, joining a beach cleanup whenever you can, making sure to recycle, use reusable bags and containers – ensuring that you’re not contributing to debris, on land and in the ocean.
With the help of volunteers, the beach cleanups allow us to coordinate with and report to the Marine and Environmental Protection Departments, raising awareness to the issues and behaviours that cause beach and marine debris. We hope that with the continued support and commitment of all the amazing volunteers, we will be able to collectively ‘take matters into our own hands’, to improve the health of our ocean, and to really make a difference.
We got some fantastic results for the ICC last Saturday. It was an incredibly hot day! Thank you all for braving the heat and meticulously recording all the rubbish picked! Our results will be included in the Ocean Conservancy’s annual report for 2008.
Thank you again!
Here is a break down of our results:
Beaches cleaned: Nim Shue Wan beach, Cheung Sha Lan beach Total number of volunteers on the beaches: 59 Total weight of rubbish collected: 238 kg Total number of rubbish bags filled: 43 Most peculiar items found: A message in a bottle, a bicycle, drawers, an unused pack of sanitary pads.
Most disturbing find of the day: 52 syringes Top 10 most numerous item collected:
1. Food wrappers/containers
2. Caps, lids
3. Straws, stirrers
4. Cups, plates, forks, knives, spoons
5. Cigarettes, cigarette filters
6. Fishing lines
7. Rope
8. Plastic bags
9. Clothing, shoes
10. Cigarette lighters”

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