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Hi DB green,

I was incredibly moved by the following story- please click on this link and take a read of Paul’s field notes and see the incredible photos. http://www.paulhiltonphotography.com/index.php/field-notes/49

Paul certainly has a way with the camera and the work he is doing to expose what is happening is incredibly vital. Without people like Paul Hilton risking their lives and livelihoods, many of the worlds eco disasters would go undocumented and largely unnoticed. Photographic evidence is vital to the awareness of the world and stopping man made disasters happening.

Paul is wanting to go back now and document some more of the destruction he describes below. Please go onto this page and make a donation !! We all can’t get away from our lives and fight the good fight- but we can feel good about helping someone do it for us! Dig deep!


Urgent Call for Help

Its has been widely reported in the media that the current Aceh administration is planning to open huge amounts of currently protected forest for commercial exploitation. Leading scientist are warning that opening these protected forest will increase natural disasters (ie. Landslide and flooding), human wildlife conflict with community and paved the way to extinction of Sumatra’s megafauna (Critically endangered Sumatran Rhino, Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Orangutan and Sumatran Elephant). We are writing to request Paul to join our communications team for the duration of 7-10 days to photograph and profile the activities currently taking place undocumented in Aceh. Key aspects would be seeking to capture human-wildlife conflict and “natural disaster” that are currently taking place. The key proposed outcome of Paul’s trip to Aceh is to secure the currently missing images that can send the story of this campaign further than it is currently reaching. Obviously, capturing the images that potray this story are exceptionally difficult and largely based upon being at the right place at the right time. This is where the working relationship between Paul, us, and our local partners provide the highest likelihood of success. Prior to Paul’s arrival two weeks of field survey will be conducted by localized teams of forest rangers, working with local community to indicate the locations where these powerful images which will accelerate the campaign can be captured. Unfortunately our organization is not currently in the financial position to fund the anticipated US$ 6500 cost to bring Paul to the field to photograph what is taking place. However it is viewed as essential for the broader campaign to protect and restore Aceh threatened forest that Paul is able to join the team at this critical time. As of right now, we have field reports of broad scale flooding and landslide along the entire west coast of Aceh and numerous human wildlife conflict taking place in central highland and east coast. The sooner Paul can get here to capture the disaster and conflict the better. Paul’s images, as we have seen in the past internationalize local issues and this is essential for the work we are currently undertaking right now. This project is anticipated to be utilized to raised the profile of the campaign to protect and restore Aceh threatened forest, securing the last habitat where Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers and Orangutans still live in one place. We thank you in advance for your generous support.

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