The Earth Collection clothes sale today- LOADS OF NEW ITEMS!

Posted on May 3rd, 2013 in Events,Fund Raising,Tree Planting by Kate Wade

Hi there,

I know many of you, like me, love the Earth Collection label of clothes, with it’s use of only natural fabrics and great colours and styles. And lucky for us their office is conveniently located here in DB! They generously donate their samples to DB Green for fundraising for green activities. Hooray for us! This time they have given us the mother of all loads- 9 bags of fabulous fashions including lots of hats, handbags and clothes. I didn’t want to wait to the next flea market to show them to the public plus I want YOU to have a look before the general public does and get first pick so I’ll have them out for you, today only- Saturday

9am till 1pm: My home: GB, Block 16, Siena 2, the low rises opposite the Greens

2:30 till 5:30: Open to the public at Siena 2’s mini flea market- between Siena 2 highrises in the central sunken garden area.

Hope to see you at either…. My phone number if you’re lost is 9810 9070- please take with you

Prices are:

Clothes……….. $60 for one, $100 for 2.

Handbags, Between $20-40 depending on size

Hats: $30-$40

I think you’ll agree that’s incredible prices for quality items and better yet ALL the money is going to tree planting costs. Each tree costs us $10 so see that’s great incentive to shop.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow,

Kind regards,


P.S. Don’t forget tree planting Sunday 10 till 4!

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