Flea Market Today 12-5pm – email 21 Sep, 08

Posted on September 21st, 2008 in Events,Fund Raising,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

Lovely day for it! Any one free for an hour to help would be great? And two people to stand in line to register for the next one? (I’m still short of helpers at the moment.)
I think we are near the bank/post office area with a double stall. I’m wearing a grey top/black trousers if you don’t know me.
Any items you want to donate you can bring down. Suggested price would help me out.
The flea market is a really great green activity because it encourages the second most important R of the 3 R’s- REUSE. IF you can buy second hand rather than new you are decreasing the requirement for more stuff to be made from our precious and declining resources. Likewise things you don’t use anymore can find their purpose again in someone else’s home. Your shopping at the flea market can be guilt free! Don’t forget to bring down you own bags for taking home that surprise item that tickles your fancy!
My number is 98109070 if you can’t find me.
See you there,

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