Community event

Do you have a few hours spare a month?

Are you keen to give something back to the community?

Discovery Bay’s local non-profit environmental group, DB Green, is meeting in Hemingway’s on February 20 at 7.30pm to discuss activities & events planned for 2013.

We invite all members of the community to come along to this open evening and hear how you can make a positive difference in your community, share ideas you may have for environmental activities in DB, and find out how to make DB a greener place to live!

We need people to join the team and help with recycling projects, beach cleanup, tree planting, website & social media, flea markets, school projects, admin and more.

DB Green for our community

Wednesday   20th February, Hemingway’s 7.30 pm

Wine by Barefoot

Snacks by Hemingway’s

Other giveaways 

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