CAN network msg: Government earmarks $10 billion to get polluting vehicles off the roads…

Posted on January 29th, 2013 in Air and Water Quality by Kate Wade


Government earmarks $10 billion for “carrot and stick” measures to get commercial diesel vehicles off roads

    The announcement that $10 billion will be earmarked to facilitate measures to eliminate the oldest, polluting vehicles is a clear sign of the current administration’s determination and commitment to tackling roadside pollution.  

CAN sees the Government’s “carrot and stick” approach as a welcome and reasonable first step – the tiered ex-gratia payments, with progressively smaller subsidies given to owners of older vehicles, reflect the “polluter pays” principle, a stance that CAN strongly supports.

However, a point of concern is that the dates of implementation to ban the most polluting vehicles are rather delayed. The earliest date will be 2016. According to the Hedley Environmental Index, from 2005 to 2011, air pollution killed, on average, 3,200 people per year. The public’s health is under dire threat and cannot wait another three years for roadside air quality to show improvement. 


CAN recommends that the schedule for banning polluting vehicles be moved up by one year and regulations for vehicle inspection and maintenance be tightened. Long term solutions are also needed and CAN hopes that the Environmental Bureau, the Transport and Housing Bureau and the Council for Sustainable Development will work together to put forth specific measures for smart urban planning soon. 

You can read the press release here

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