What Cannot Be Recycled in DB?

Posted on September 15th, 2008 in DB as a city,Recycling by Michele Felder

There are only a few items which cannot currently be recycled in Discovery Bay.  Below is a brief description of the main categories.

In Hong Kong, very little glass is recycled. As the majority of recycling plants are located in China, and the cost to transport heavy and bulky glass adds significantly to the overall recycling cost, the economic incentive has been reduced to near zero.  There are some experimental glass recycling plants in Tuen Mun, where glass is crushed and made into bricks.  However the quantity of used glass they can currently absorb is relatively small.

Some Paper Types
There are a few types of paper such as carbon and wax paper that are not recyclable. For more specific info, check this site

Paper Box (UHT-type) Food Packaging:
There is currently no facility in Hong Kong for recycling paper-based cartons used to package milk, juice, sauces and other liquid food and drinks.  Because they are manufactured using paper, plastic, and aluminium bonded together, the recycling process is more complicated than for straight paper or plastic individually.  When disposing of these packages flatten to reduce the space taken up in the rubbish bins, transport and landfills.

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