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Posted on August 4th, 2012 in Beach Clean-up,DB Green Matters,Events by Kate Wade

Hi there,

We’re getting lots of calls from people wanting to know where to go. Information on what beaches are the worst is hard to know for sure without actually getting out there to see them, but just speaking to Gary he thinks the following beaches probably would be good ones to get to.

Cheung Chau

Shi Ma Wan

Mui Wo

There are plenty more beaches around that need work but are hard to get to and maybe only accessible by boat or hiking. Oceanpark is also doing a fantastic job of gathering volunteers and have beach cleanups organized. Check out there website http://www.oceanpark.com.hk/html/en/home/ and click on the plastic disaster information. They may have a beach cleanup close to where you live.

Beaches in DB that still need work are Nim Shue Wan and Cheung Sha Lan and also the far end of Sam Pak Wan. Bags & gloves are situated at locations Nim Shue Wan at the middle of the beach in front of the concrete house opposite the pier. At Sam Pak Wan when you first go down to the path at the beach on your left under the trees are bags full of bags and gloves. Maps in previous entries. There is a limited amount of equipment so if you have your own colander/sieve and dustpan and brush/broom bring that along. Dana (a DB Green organizer) has said she will be at Nim Shue Wan at 11am tomorrow Sunday so if you really want some guidance she can help. She intends to head to Cheung Sha Lan beach.

Thanks again for the wonderful wonderful response. Gary and Tracey are also so excited about the incredible response “revolution” from the Hong Kong public. They are seeing light at the end of the tunnel but we all need to keep up the good work. When you can, make regular visits to beaches near you and keep picking up the nurdles (and other rubbish) that arrives on the beach every day. We will keep you posted on what we are up to on this page and the Facebook page.

Unfortunately I am away with work shortly so have to race out the door- have a great weekend!





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