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Flea Market and Beach Cleanup TODAY Sunday 23rd

Posted on June 22nd, 2013 in Beach Clean-up,Events,Fund Raising by Kate Wade

Attention: Flea Market postponed due weather till next weekend.

Hi all,

We were so busy with the Motion in the  Ocean event yesterday we forgot to remind you of the FLEA MARKET and the BEACH CLEANUP on today and at the same times pretty much. Can you help at one?

FLEA MARKET 12 till 5. Dana and I’ll be there setting up at 11:30. Any time to help sell or any donations please bring along- we are near the bank/postoffice….

BEACH CLEANUP 1 till 4 at the North Plaza beach with Tracey and Angie. Bring your water bottle, sunscreen, insect repellent.

Hope to see you at one or the other.

Thank you!




Posted on June 6th, 2013 in Fund Raising,Outside Hong Kong,Resources,Tree Planting by Kate Wade

Hi DB green,

I was incredibly moved by the following story- please click on this link and take a read of Paul’s field notes and see the incredible photos.

Paul certainly has a way with the camera and the work he is doing to expose what is happening is incredibly vital. Without people like Paul Hilton risking their lives and livelihoods, many of the worlds eco disasters would go undocumented and largely unnoticed. Photographic evidence is vital to the awareness of the world and stopping man made disasters happening.

Paul is wanting to go back now and document some more of the destruction he describes below. Please go onto this page and make a donation !! We all can’t get away from our lives and fight the good fight- but we can feel good about helping someone do it for us! Dig deep!


Urgent Call for Help

Its has been widely reported in the media that the current Aceh administration is planning to open huge amounts of currently protected forest for commercial exploitation. Leading scientist are warning that opening these protected forest will increase natural disasters (ie. Landslide and flooding), human wildlife conflict with community and paved the way to extinction of Sumatra’s megafauna (Critically endangered Sumatran Rhino, Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Orangutan and Sumatran Elephant). We are writing to request Paul to join our communications team for the duration of 7-10 days to photograph and profile the activities currently taking place undocumented in Aceh. Key aspects would be seeking to capture human-wildlife conflict and “natural disaster” that are currently taking place. The key proposed outcome of Paul’s trip to Aceh is to secure the currently missing images that can send the story of this campaign further than it is currently reaching. Obviously, capturing the images that potray this story are exceptionally difficult and largely based upon being at the right place at the right time. This is where the working relationship between Paul, us, and our local partners provide the highest likelihood of success. Prior to Paul’s arrival two weeks of field survey will be conducted by localized teams of forest rangers, working with local community to indicate the locations where these powerful images which will accelerate the campaign can be captured. Unfortunately our organization is not currently in the financial position to fund the anticipated US$ 6500 cost to bring Paul to the field to photograph what is taking place. However it is viewed as essential for the broader campaign to protect and restore Aceh threatened forest that Paul is able to join the team at this critical time. As of right now, we have field reports of broad scale flooding and landslide along the entire west coast of Aceh and numerous human wildlife conflict taking place in central highland and east coast. The sooner Paul can get here to capture the disaster and conflict the better. Paul’s images, as we have seen in the past internationalize local issues and this is essential for the work we are currently undertaking right now. This project is anticipated to be utilized to raised the profile of the campaign to protect and restore Aceh threatened forest, securing the last habitat where Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers and Orangutans still live in one place. We thank you in advance for your generous support.

Fundraiser for Treeplanting Project – June 3rd Eco Movie Night at Discovery College

Posted on May 28th, 2013 in Fund Raising,Tree Planting by Tracey


Please support DB Green’s 2013 Treeplanting project. All the trees have been planted already 500 this year but costs for the saplings & equipment (bamboo poles, wire mesh for rat protection) needs to be paid for.

We hope you can join us on this fun family afternoon & evening. There will be hotdogs, popcorn and wine for sale as well as the new collection of samples from the Earth Collection clothes. Movies are free to watch.

for more information on the movies, check out these links

We are looking for volunteers to help us on the day too, if you can spare an hour or too please come and help us.

The Earth Collection clothes sale today- LOADS OF NEW ITEMS!

Posted on May 3rd, 2013 in Events,Fund Raising,Tree Planting by Kate Wade

Hi there,

I know many of you, like me, love the Earth Collection label of clothes, with it’s use of only natural fabrics and great colours and styles. And lucky for us their office is conveniently located here in DB! They generously donate their samples to DB Green for fundraising for green activities. Hooray for us! This time they have given us the mother of all loads- 9 bags of fabulous fashions including lots of hats, handbags and clothes. I didn’t want to wait to the next flea market to show them to the public plus I want YOU to have a look before the general public does and get first pick so I’ll have them out for you, today only- Saturday

9am till 1pm: My home: GB, Block 16, Siena 2, the low rises opposite the Greens

2:30 till 5:30: Open to the public at Siena 2’s mini flea market- between Siena 2 highrises in the central sunken garden area.

Hope to see you at either…. My phone number if you’re lost is 9810 9070- please take with you

Prices are:

Clothes……….. $60 for one, $100 for 2.

Handbags, Between $20-40 depending on size

Hats: $30-$40

I think you’ll agree that’s incredible prices for quality items and better yet ALL the money is going to tree planting costs. Each tree costs us $10 so see that’s great incentive to shop.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow,

Kind regards,


P.S. Don’t forget tree planting Sunday 10 till 4!

Tree planting and FUN fund raising for trees!

Posted on April 28th, 2013 in Events,Fund Raising,Tree Planting by Kate Wade

Hi there,

Great work on the tree planting today. I got the following email from John just a moment ago…

Hi Kate,

Had a great day today. Lots of people turned up and 120 trees were in by about lunchtime. I did not expect so many to came so it was bit chaotic, as Nick probably told you, but the standard of planting was very good. 

The next tree planting day is Sunday 5th May and then Sunday 19 of May. …

Regards, John.

Great job those of you who went up!! Hope you can make it to one of the next tree planting sessions 5th and 19th of May.

Also to raise awareness of the tree planting project, to raise the $10,000 needed for the trees, and to celebrate earth day, we are organising an event at Discovery College sometime in May. The date is yet to be confirmed but at this stage we plan to have a childrens and adult afternoon/evening. There will be wine from our generous wine sponsor ‘Barefoot Wines’ (who are helping us aim for Barefoot beaches!), and nibbles and we will be selling the very generous donation of about 9 (!!) candy stripe bags of clothes, bags and hats from The Earth Collection range I received just a few days ago. Thank you BCC Pacific up there in the plaza! We will be showing a movie called ‘Dirt” which looks great and we would love for you to join us and bring ALL your friends. John will give a short talk on his vision for the conservation area here in DB and we will basically have fun! It costs $10 per tree so we will sell the clothes, wine and nibbles in amounts of trees you are purchasing- and still it will be a bargain! Keep an eye out for that event!

Keep an eye on this site for more info of all the exciting events happening in May! I will send out all the dates shortly.

Cheers, and have a great week!


Tree Planting begins this Sunday!

Posted on April 25th, 2013 in Events,Fund Raising,Tree Planting by Kate Wade

The rainy season has definitely arrived and so it’s time to plant another 1000 trees in the conservation area! This is a wonderful project to return native trees to this once forested area and in doing so also improve the biodiversity of the local wildlife.

Directions: To find the conservation area you head up the road towards the golfcourse and turn right at the concrete road to the lookout. About 100m on your left is a couple of routes to get you to the conservation area. Look for bamboo stakes with coloured twine for the trees we’ve previously planted. We will try to put some kind of marker to get there but it is frequently removed by security so your best chance is to look out for happy diggers on the hill on your left. Failing being able to spot someone easily (sometimes we are on the other side of the hill), try calling John Horwood- our tree planting organiser on 9457 5548.

What to bring: Sturdy shoes (hiking boots are great or old sneakers as it gets quite muddy sometimes), plenty of water, insect repellent, sunscreen, snacks, friends (many hands really does make light work!) and, to prevent scratches, wear long trousers and shirts.

Time: Usually 10am to 4 pm or it may finish earlier if  trees taken up for the day are planted.

Even making it up for an hour or 2 is a great help.

Donating: Each tree costs $10 thanks to the generosity of Kadoorie Farms and covers the cost of the tree, bamboo, twine, equipment and transportation.

If you would like to donate to the cost of the trees you can transfer money to HSBC: 571 213511 001 or donate cash at the next flea market in June or beach cleanup on the 19 of May or give to John directly. 

Flea Market- Today 12-5 pm

Posted on April 13th, 2013 in Events,Fund Raising,Tree Planting by Kate Wade

Hi DB Green,

Need to get rid of a few items round the house you’re not using? Want to find a bargain? Sunday’s the day! Weather is forecast to be beautiful- high of 24 and sunny. Come down to the plaza between 12 and 5 and find all the charity stalls including ours in the row from HSBC to the Post Office. If you have some free time to run the stall for an hour that would be great too.

Remember it’s coming into tree planting season and our trees and equipment cost about $10/tree with 1000 trees planned for this year. Every dollar you spend at our stall will be helping re-forest DB’s conservation area!

See you there!



What a great weekend!

Posted on February 18th, 2013 in Beach Clean-up,Events,Fund Raising by Tracey

Well DB Green had a very productive and eco friendly weekend! Starting the week after 2 meaningful activities certainly puts a spring in your step.

Saturday afternoon was the beach cleanup at Sam Pak Wan beach at the North Plaza. About 50-60 people turned up throughout the day. Some people came in the morning and cleaned what they could. It is always nice to come to the beach to see trash bags full from people taking the initiative upon themselves to clean a little when they can. We leave bags and gloves down the beach to make it easier for people to do this.


SPW 16022013a

The kids had a mission to collect bottle caps and forks and plastic items that were ‘ring’ shaped. They did a great job too! Hundreds of items separated and will be used in teaching programs in the schools.

A big thank you to Hemingway’s for once again providing the BBQ the refreshing drinks afterwards they are always very much appreciated!

SPW 160213

Our fleamarket stall on Sunday afternoon was very busy. Lots of great quality items were sold with all money raised going to fund the projects we have for the year. The weather was also good to us and we had a lot of fun rehoming everyone’s donated goods.



Please help us spread the word about Wednesday’s meeting at Hemingway’s. 7.30pm onwards with nibbles and a glass of wine provided by our sponsors. We need more people to help us organise and support our projects & make DB Green as successful as possible.

Weekend activites – First beach cleanup of 2013 and Flea market

Posted on February 11th, 2013 in Events,Fund Raising,Uncategorized by Angie Bucu


First beach cleanup of the year this Saturday afternoon Feb 16 at the North Plaza beach. 1-4pm

Come and join other volunteers to start the year of the snake with a community and eco message. We want clean beaches and we will do something about it.

Bring your family and friends.
Bring your own water bottle, we will supply additional water, gloves and bags.
BBQ by Hemingway’s




When: …….. Sunday, 12noon till 5pm

Where: ………………….DB Green Stall near the post office.

Bring along your unwanted items for us to sell.  All money raised goes to DB green and will go towards the cost of the after beach cleanup BBQ’s as well as tree planting costs etc. Every cent goes to projects- there are no admin costs!

See you on the weekend


Weekend activities: New Earth Collection Samples Presale, Flea Market and more

Posted on November 28th, 2012 in Events,Fund Raising by Kate Wade

It’s a busy busy weekend!!

Friday and Saturday sees the sale of Little Miss Green products at Tracey’s home and on the Saturday I will join her with the latest clothing samples from the wonderful people at Earth Collection (first time showing) and Sunday sees the flea market in the plaza from 12-5pm.

We would love to see you at each and every event.

Little Miss Green the Party Queen sale:

When……. Friday & Saturday 9am till 5pm                                                                                          

Where……. 3H Seabee Lane (near Digger Park) with eco gifts for all ages.

See the website and get guilt free Christmas presents this year.

Earth Collection Sample clothing/handbags:

When…………..Saturday 10-4pm

Where……. As above 3H Seabee Lane

For all NEW samples from the Earth Collection never shown before. Remainder will be sold at the flea market so get in quick

Flea Market

When: …….. Sunday, 12noon till 5pm

Where: ………………….DB Green Stall near the post office.

Bring along your unwanted items for us to sell- all money goes to DB green and will go towards the cost of the after beach cleanup BBQ’s as well as tree planting costs etc. Every cent goes to projects- there are no admin costs!


Have a great weekend and hope to see you at these events…



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