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Flea Market today! 12-5pm

Posted on January 21st, 2017 in Events,Fund Raising,Tree Planting by Kate Wade

Hi all and Happy New Year!

Today in the main plaza is the flea market where goods get to have a second chance at fulfilling their purpose in life….. instead of becoming landfill.

If you’ve been struggling to come up with a New Years resolution for 2017 or for Chinese New Year than how about you copy mine for the year.      DON’T BUY ANYTHING NEW!     My aim this year is to get out of the cycle of consumerism and have a year of NOT buying anything new- nothing for the household and nothing for me- no clothes, no socks, nothing. Consumables are OK- food, toilet paper, sellotape etc but all attempts should be made to use up whats in the house first.

Buying second hand is fine too, so tomorrow’s flea market presents an opportunity to find anything that one might need at a WAY cheaper price than you would find brand new. Likewise it gives you an opportunity to clear a few things from your house that are no longer getting use of and giving it a chance to get some love by donating to us to sell on! All donations welcome. Please bring as close to 12 noon though so we have a good chance of selling it.


Time: 12noon-5pm

Where: Near the stretch of stalls between HSBC and the post office. 

Hope to see you tomorrow,

All the best for a green 2017 and Year Of The Rooster!!


Beach Cleanup and End-of-Year Get-Together this Sat

Posted on November 30th, 2015 in Beach Clean-up,CAS Activities,Events,Fund Raising,Green Gift Ideas by Dana Winograd

Hi everyone,

Here are the details for our last clean up of the year. We hope you can join us.

When: 9am-12pm, Dec 5
Where: Sam Pak Wan (North Plaza beach)

Please bring a reusable water bottle, wear appropriate clothes for the weather and closed-toe shoes. We supply gloves, bags and water refills.

When: 12-5pm, Dec 5
Where: Discovery Bay International School (DBIS)

There will be a sale of gently-used toys, decorations and new Christmas cards at the get-together.

We’re also having a BBQ to celebrate the end of another great year. Join us for a snack and a drink at DBIS – all of the day’s proceeds to go to Plastic Free Seas.

If you have any loose or boxed cards hanging around, any decorations that never seem to make it on your tree or good condition toys to donate, please drop them off at DBIS this Wed, Thurs, or Fri morning at DBIS from 8.00 – 8.30am.

Please send an email to Tracey( if you can help.


PFS Christmas Sale 2015

Pollution Free Christmas Gifts at the DBIS Food Fair!

Posted on November 14th, 2014 in Events,Fund Raising,Green Gift Ideas,Recycling,Resources by Kate Wade
Dear DB Green,
I was forwarded this great idea by email… thought you might be interested!
If you have items that you don’t think make the grade or don’t get around to by the 22nd November there is the flea market in the plaza on the 7th December 12noon to 5pm. All the charity stalls (including DB Green) are on the back wall from the bank to the Post Office so you can bring your items to donate to us then. Volunteers welcome for that too! We have a large stock pile as there was a long time between flea markets this time so would be happy for some help!
“Dear friends and neighbors,
Please read below about the stall I will be running at the DBIS Food Fair on November 22nd to reduce the environmental impact of Christmas shopping while raising funds for Enrich, the charity I founded to support the economic empowerment of migrant women. Hope that many of you will be able to come to the fair and bring with you your unwanted gifts and quality new like toys and games.
If you are not able to attend the fair but are interested in donating items please email to make another arrangement.  Please note that this is not a flea market. Please only donate quality new like toys and games that would make suitable Christmas gifts for DB kids aged under 12.
If we have enough interest and donations, I plan to run an additional Christmas gift sale at my flat on Tuesday 2nd December 9am-11am and 8-9pm so that you can do your Christmas shopping without the kids. Please let me know if you are interested in this and I will share photos of what toys are available. Please do also let me know if you would like volunteer to help me run any of these events.
Thank you very much for your kind support on this. Welcome to share this message with friends.
Best wishes,
Air pollution in Hong Kong gets very bad in autumn. Why? This is the time when factories across the border are rushing to fill orders in time for Christmas gift shoppers around the world.  Workers work overtime and toxic air coming out of the factories is at an all-time high.
How would our air in DB smell and look if no one bought new gifts for Christmas?
This year the DBIS Food Fair will have a stall selling quality second hand children’s toys so that parents can buy a Christmas gift for their children without damaging the planet.
Please support this effort by donating your unwanted gifts and lightly used quality toys: especially wooden toys and complete board games and puzzles for kids up to the age of 12.
This stall will benefit Hong Kong charity Enrich which supports the economic empowerment of migrant women, primarily domestic workers (helpers). Not only does your support reduce the consumption and production of new toys, the money raised goes towards Enrich’s programmes in Hong Kong

To donate, simply drop your items off at Enrich’s stall in front of the DBIS Globe Theatre, anytime from 11.30am to 1pm on November 22nd, the day of the fair.

Unsold gifts will be offered at a reduced price to domestic workers who want to send Christmas gifts home to their own children, or sold at the DB flea market to raise funds for DB charities.

Send off at DB Main Beach 7:30am Wednesday (tomorrow!)

Posted on October 28th, 2014 in Air and Water Quality,Beach Clean-up,Events,Fund Raising by Kate Wade

Dear DB Green,

A 5 day, 75km swim around Lantau Island to raise money for DB based NGO Plastic Free Seas (run by Tracey and Dana) floating classroom kicks off tomorrow!

To help send these 2 incredible DB athletes on their way (Bruce Pye and Olivier Baillet), please show your support by turning up to the main beach tomorrow morning between 7:30am and 7:45am. A large turn out would be awesome!

There are numerous other activities going on over the 5 day swim around Lantau and your support for any you can make would be fantastic. Check out the web page      or keep up to date on the Facebook page

Bring all your kids, friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and see you at the beach!


Swim Poster - A3 2

Posted on February 19th, 2014 in CAS Activities,Events,Fund Raising by Tracey


The Discovery Bay Flea market is on this Sunday from 12-5pm. As always DB Green will have a stall near the post office where you can bring down donated goods for us to sell. The money raised from the flea markets helps to offset our costs for tree planting which will be starting straight after the spring rains.

As well as donated goods we are in need of volunteers to help us out please. Even an hr or 2 will make a big difference.

We will be in the plaza from 10am accepting goods and setting up. Hope to see some familiar and some new faces!

Flea Market Sunday 1st December 12-5pm

Posted on December 1st, 2013 in Events,Fund Raising,Recycling by Kate Wade

Hi all,

Very quick note to let you know we have our usual stalls at the flea market near the post office tomorrow. We have lots of great clothes from Earth Collection- a whole rack for men this time too! If you have items to donate and any time to donate to help run the stall I’d really love to see you. Hope the weather is like today.

As an aside I was incredibly inspired by a speaker at the recent youth conference Tracey Read organised with Plastic Free Seas last week. Her name is Claire Sancelot and she recently featured in The South China Morning Post with her aim of living waste free- right here in Hong Kong!! Impossible you might think… Read this article and watch the embedded video of how she does it…

WOW! It is my new aim for 2014. Claire aims to only buy second hand goods, clothes, toys etc and what an easy way to do this ourselves with the very convenient flea market in DB.

Watch it and get inspired too. See you tomorrow!

12-5pm Main Plaza.



P.S. This flea market the sales will be going to Plastic Free Seas Youth Conference costs. It was a phenomenal event!


Youth Conference fundraising- help needed!

Posted on October 10th, 2013 in Air and Water Quality,Beach Clean-up,Events,Fund Raising,Recycling,Resources by Kate Wade

Hi DB Green,

As you may know our very own beach cleanup organiser (and my personal hero) Tracey Read, now has her very own NGO called Plastic Free Seas! Right now she is organising a Youth Conference in November for 100 students and 25 teachers, from 25 schools, with the aim of empowering those 25 schools  to make some radical changes in their waste management practices. A huge ambition with huge potential to reach so many… but also with a huge cost.

Tracey is working really hard on setting this up, gathering people, resources and developing the program- the first we hope of an annual youth conference. She is completely unpaid so all her time, effort and energy is fuelled by her vision of what we can do to help Hong Kong and benefit our oceans, beaches, landfill, schools, homes and most importantly our minds! There is no doubt we need a mental shift in the way we consume and use disposable items.

Tracey needs money to help with the expenses of this first conference. Everything helps and donations from you- either through your business or as a personal donation would be gratefully received and is tax deductible. There are some great ‘purchases’ you can make too- I’ve got myself a plastic free seas t-shirt and Kleen Kanteen water bottle! Tracey has set up a donation platform at Please note the donations are in USD not HKD. Please forward this link to any friends or companies who you think might like to help with this excellent educational and action planned event.

PFS YC 2013

Many thanks for your support from all of us at DB Green!

Kate Wade

P.S. What disposable items are you using today? Can you make a change and bring your own container, cutlery, mug tomorrow and from now on? Reuse your paper and envelopes? I’m making a change- from now on I am bringing my only cutlery everywhere I go! No more disposable knives forks and chopsticks for me! Tracey is working on a portable cutlery pack you can pop in your bag so keep an eye out for that one!

Flea Markets & Fund Raising

Posted on August 25th, 2013 in Events,Fund Raising by Kate Wade

Thanks to all who donated, gave their time and bought from our stalls today and on previous flea markets! Without you, we would not be able to put money to enjoy our after beach cleanup BBQ’s/pizzas, plant our yearly trees, print information on recycling and no junk mail stickers, banners for recycling info and beach cleanups, kids beach cleanup t-shirts, movies for educations night, and, this year help pay for the beach shack at Sam Pak Wan (North Plaza beach).

For this financial year we have raised:

Flea Market April: $2106

The Earth Collection Clothes sale (my house and movie night): $5658

Movie Night June (food and drinks): $3941

Flea Market June: $3307

Flea Market August: $3621


We have spent so far this financial year:

Tree Planting $6502

Beach shack $8000

Beach cleanup pizza $530


With more projects, beach cleanups and school education to come your purchases help us do more! Remember there are no admin costs, every cent taken goes towards our expenses above. We hope you’ll make it to one or both of the 2 beach cleanups in September and enjoy a pizza or BBQ with us afterwards. (Something we can all enjoy  from our fundraising!)

Obviously much of our sales comes from the generous donation of clothes and accessory samples from the team at The Earth Collection (BCC Pacific)  whose office is in DB and who feel passionate about the environment and who have been with us from the very beginning. Thank you! Likewise, being with us from the very first beach cleanup, Hemingways (who are way out in front when it comes to environmental leaders in our DB restaurants) deserve thanks for sponsoring and helping cook our BBQ’s. Thanks also to our sponsors Barefoot Wines whose wine donations have added to our sales at movie night and made our beach cleanups just a little more fun at the end! And while we’re at it- gotta give some credit to our husbands especially Nick Wade and Jeff Read who often end up doing the heavy lifting of our organisational endeavours. Thanks for your patience, and, understanding that a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

And thanks to all of you volunteers- you know who you are- nothing and I mean NOTHING is more precious then your time you give to us! It’s what we’re all about, it’s what we need the most and it’s what gets the work done. We’re an action group above all else!

See you at the beach cleanups!

Kate 🙂


Flea Market Sunday 12-5pm

Posted on August 23rd, 2013 in Events,Fund Raising by Kate Wade

Hi there,

If you’ve been away- WELCOME BACK!

There’s nothing like starting off the new school year with a spring clean- clearing your house of unused or unwanted items helps clear the mind for the busy year ahead. Plus your trash could be someone elses treasure! Bring your items down to the plaza on Sunday about 12ish and at least someone may get some use from them- stopping the need to buy new (at 10 times the price) and using more resources the planet doesn’t have to give! The charity stalls are in a line from the bank to the post office. We’re in there somewhere. All money goes to green projects in DB.

Also we could do with some volunteers for an hour or so between 12 and 5? Can you help?

Bring your wallet and find some treasure too!

Look forward to seeing you then,



Flea Market in the plaza today- Sunday 30th June

Posted on June 30th, 2013 in Events,Fund Raising by Kate Wade

Hope to see you there!

Incredibly hot so make sure you take water and of course your wallet! We are near the bank/post office area. Happy for help or donations…


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