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Letter to Discovery Bay Parents

Posted on August 30th, 2012 in Beach Clean-up,CAS Activities by Tracey

Dear Parents,

Many of you, having recently returned back to Hong Kong after the summer holidays, may not be aware of the environmental situation that developed during Typhoon Vicente that hit HK at the end of July. Six 40 ft containers, each carrying one thousand 25kg bags (total 150 tons) of preproduction plastic pellets (called nurdles) fell off of a container ship between Lamma and Lantau islands. Some of these pellets quickly ended up on the shores of southern Hong Kong (full bags, empty bags and billions of individual pellets). Eastern Lantau was one of the worst areas hit, including DB’s North Plaza beach (Sam Pak Wan) and Nim Shue Wan. Aside from polluting our waters, the biggest problem with these nurdles is that they act like sponges and soak up toxins, becoming far more toxic than the surrounding waters – and the fish love to eat them! The toxins accumulate in the flesh of the fish, and people eat the fish.

A number of NGOs have been working with the government for weeks. There has been a huge clean up effort which has seen over 300 volunteers per day on some days coming from all over HK to DB to clean our beaches. We have gloves, some hand-held sweeping brushes, dust pans, sieves and rubbish bags at both beaches. There will be a formal beach clean up this weekend (please see DB Green’s facebook page for more info on Friday). DB Green representatives may not be there the whole time, so if you have any questions, call Dana at 6012 3613 or Tracey at 6222 3244.

You can also check out DB Green’s facebook page and/or for more information about the situation in and around DB. See the Plastic Disaster – Hong Kong facebook page for more information about all of Hong Kong.

There is a window of opportunity to get a lot of the pellets off of the beaches after a storm. Today, a lot of pellets have been washed up onto the beaches and flushed out of the rocks in Nim Shue Wan and Sam Pak Wan. Ideally, we want to get these pellets off of the beach before they get washed back out to sea, only to come back again in dribs and drabs. If you can help today or tomorrow, that would be great. You can contact Dana and Tracey about helping today. (or anyday)

Thank you for reading this and we hope to see you on the beaches.

DB Green, Plastic Free Seas

Wear covered shoes (if you want to get your feet wet, please wear protective water shoes)
Drink plenty of water
Use sunscreen

Most efficient method to get the nurdles:
Sweep up the nurdles from the sand using a brush and a dustpan into a sieve, shake out the sand, and depending on whether there is a lot of other debris or it is only pellets, you will either throw it all away or collect the pellets in a bag for recycling.
Leave rubbish bags on the beach near the high tide line and put the nurdles in the plastic recycling bins located at the roundabout near the gates (Sam Pak Wan). For Nim Shue Wan we ask that you leave the nurdles and any other recycling outside the gate (DB-side).

Upcoming events- this weekend and beyond….

Posted on April 27th, 2012 in Beach Clean-up,CAS Activities,Events,Fund Raising,Tree Planting by Kate Wade
Hi there!
There are always great green things going on in our neighbourhood ……
-Dave from Hemingways is doing a fundraiser for orangutans at his birthday Saturday night if you can make it. This is a fantastic cause and Andy Stokes (Gary’s brother) has put this website together which has some great videos where you can watch these gorgeous animals and learn more about their plight. Check it out!
-If you are around Siena this Saturday afternoon, and if the weather is OK, there is a mini flea market 2:30 to 5:30 where Siena 2 residents can have a stall and all visitors are welcome- bound to be some bargains for you to check out. It’s being held near the Siena 2 highrise central gardens.
-Sunday there is some tree planting going on with Novotel employees- experienced tree planters are wanted to help instruct. Please call John Horwood on 9457 5548 if you are able to help. Further opportunities for tree planting will be in June and July for the rest of us- dates will be published shortly.
Next beach cleanup is 19th May.
-And next flea market in the plaza is 3rd June– thankfully not the school holidays this time!

I’ll keep you posted!

Have a great weekend!


Earth Day Beach Cleanup April 25th 2011 – 1 Billion Acts of Green

Posted on April 8th, 2011 in Beach Clean-up,CAS Activities by Tracey


Come and join DB Green for our Earth Day Beach Cleanup.

Monday 25th April 10-1pm

Nim Shue Wan Beach (off the road to the Marina Club)

BYO water bottle Gloves provided

Free BBQ to follow

DB Green has pledged through the Earth Day Network to help in their 1 Billion Acts of Green campaign. We will be having a beach cleanup on Easter Monday (April 25th) from 10am to 1pm. We’d like to get as many volunteers as possible to help clean up the Nim Shue Wan & Cheung Sha Lan coastline. It really needs our help!
We will provide gloves and bags and water for bottle refills (BYO water bottle). As a great start to our beach cleanup season we will also hold a post cleanup party with drinks & BBQ for all the participants.

Big thanks to Hemingways for once again providing the BBQ support!

The meeting point is Nim Shue Wan Beach – look out for the DB Green banners on the road leading down to the Marina Club and then follow the beach path. Any questions please call Tracey on 62223244

CAS: Nim Shue Wan mudflat cleanup on 11 December 2010

Posted on January 1st, 2011 in Beach Clean-up,CAS Activities,Events by Kevin Laurie

Thank you to all the volunteers who joined in the cleanup of the inter-tidal mudflat at Nim Shue Wan on Saturday 11 December 2010.

Over time plastic bags and other man-made debris have become buried in the mudflat, stopping animals from being able to burrow and forage in the area. The cleanup involved the removing these bags and other debris from the mudflat to restore this habitat to its natural state.

This was our second CAS event and 10 volunteers participated, including students from Island School, South Island School and Discovery College. CAS certificates were awarded to participating students.

Photographs of the cleanup are attached.

As the year comes to a close, we thank all of our volunteers for their efforts and support and may we take this opportunity to thank everyone a healthy, merry, happy and green Christmas.

Kevin Laurie

DB Green CAS Coordinator

DB Green introduces Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) support for IB students

Posted on November 17th, 2010 in CAS Activities,Events,Tree Planting by Kevin Laurie

Many Discovery Bay students are studying the International Baccalaureate (IB), an important component of which is the CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) programme.

In the coming year, DB Green will schedule a series of events which will enable participants to undertake between 30 to 40 hours of CAS related activities in and around Discovery Bay. The programme is open to any volunteers, of any age and irrespective of where they live.
This is intended as a long term commitment by DB Green to support students in their educational needs, and the programme will be developed according to the response that is received. Our local magazine “Inside DB” has also agreed to dedicate a section for students to write about their CAS or other experiences.

The first such event was held on 30 October 2010 and involved the maintenance of newly planted native trees in the conservation area above Discovery Bay near the reservoir. A total of 20 volunteers participated, including students from Island School, South Island School, Chinese International School, German Swiss International School, Maryknoll College and Shatin College. Certificates were awarded to participating students.

If students wish to be informed of future events, they should contact Kevin at who is the DBGreen CAS coordinator.

Photographs of some of the participants are attached.

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