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Open Air Market/Meetings/Beach Cleanups- email 17th Sep, 08

Posted on September 17th, 2008 in Beach Clean-up,Events,Fund Raising,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

Hi everyone,

I am a little slow on getting information out about the Open Air Market we had on Sunday 7th Sep. What a great day for sales with 10 new joiners and a very healthy $6565 made!! That, I think, is our biggest sale and we were busy all day thanks to the new samples given to us by BCC Pacific. The way those clothes were flying off the rack is a testament to the lovely quality and I hope means The Earth Collection folk are going to do a bumper season! A big thankyou. Also big thanks to Tracey, Dana, Denise and Jennifer (and I think I’ve missed someone..) for helping me out. It was a very hot day and your help was a Godsend. I need someone to run the stall on the 5th October as I will be away that day until late afternoon. Any volunteers to help sometime between 9:30 and 5pm please reply- thankyou??

Last Meeting
Well…. not the best turn out- did the words from my previous email ‘scream’ and ‘help’ in big font scare you all off?? 6 people over the 2 meetings but we had some good chats about the upcoming events with emphasis on the October 12th recycling event in the plaza. I understand how busy we all are so any help is great and if there are any of you who can help on the displays beforehand or on the day please let me know. I have a number of ideas for displays that wouldn’t take too much time if your family would like to participate…. One I thought of today as I reached for another real estate brochure from the mailbox is if one family collected all their junk mail between now and October 12th and put it on a poster board to spell the words ‘junk mail’ – with maybe underneath a sign saying ‘Don’t want it- then sign here….Name and village’ and we can approach the villages to stop junk mail- one of our villages already has a no junk mail policy I just found out. We could also have a no junk mail sticker made. Anyone interested in that one? Also maybe someone could find me a kiddies colouring picture that we can put on a table with some crayons. Printed on recycled paper on both sides of course and with a recycle theme- we can cover costs of printing and paper. Anyone? (Also by the by we notice Pen and Paper is stocking recycled paper now at $65 a ream.)

Mid Autumn Beach Sweep
on Monday was a great little event with a great turn out. The beach was of course quite messy and the bins labelled recycle bins were clearly not used for that so we need to fix that for next year and lots more of them. The kids had fun finding all the glow sticks and boy there were ALOT- and that’s just the ones people didn’t put in the rubbish bin or take home. Other offenders were wax from candles and lots and lots of glass and plastic bottles. By the time 10am came round it was getting pretty hot and the beach was looking 100% better. Thanks to Salina and Tracey for organising and the numerous little helpers and big helpers who came along. Some photos are on Flickr with more to be added from Tracey and Salina I believe. In fact hubby has created our own Flickr site for all our events so we have put a few events in there if you want to take a look. I brought home all the glow sticks that weren’t set on fire to hopefully make some kind of display for the Recycling Day. Any ideas anyone? The aim of the morning was to raise awareness to the waste and to come up with ideas to make the Lantern Festival less wasteful in following years but without being the fun police- what ideas do you have? Lets see if we can’t have some impact on the huge amount of rubbish for next years festival. Here’s some info about glow sticks…. Did you know they have glass inside and that’s what makes the crunch.. my husband just looked at me like I was an idiot for not knowing that…

International Beach Cleanup Saturday 9-12 with Hemingway’s BBQ to follow.
Tracey has written an email I will send out shortly. Hope to see you there. I arrive in from a flight just in time so please refrain from making comments about the dark circles under my eyes!!

Thanks everyone!

Post Lantern Festival Breakfast???- Email 14th Sep, 08

Posted on September 14th, 2008 in Beach Clean-up,Events,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

Tracey and I both thinking of you all at the same time- and her message sounds nicer than my roughly written one so I’m sending you both- maybe we’ll get twice as many people heading down!! (Don’t forget the annual beach cleanup is this Saturday 20th at Nim Shue Wan beach 9am- BBQ from Hemingway’s afterwards- should be fun!)
Hi everyone

We all know what a lot of fun the lantern festival is for families, especially children. With their beautiful handmade lanterns from school or bought from the markets and stalls in HK lighting up the evening on the beach. And who can forget the amazing site of the thousands of kids running around in the dark having the best night of their lives covered head to toe in glow sticks. Or the risqué act of lighting a bonfire or candles on the beach. This has to be one of the best festivals of the Chinese calendar to really bring together the whole community.

The one thing that is often forgotten about or unknown is the aftermath of rubbish left on the beach after this fun filled night. Normally the cleaning team is there from dawn until dusk clearing up the beach, but this year a few of us are heading down at 8am tomorrow (Monday) to see for ourselves how bad it is. The cleaners will be coming at 10am so we have 2 hours of collecting before they turn up. We have no intention of spoiling this very fun event but would like find a way to make this a less hazardous time for the sea life, wildlife and environment. We hope to highlight the items improperly disposed of (such as glow sticks, batteries from powered lanterns and candle wax) that often ends up in the water. We have some rakes to make this job a lot easier. We are hoping to meet and have a bit of fun on the beach before heading off for some well earned breakfast.

We would love to see as many people down the beach as possible, we know it is early but at least it won’t be really hot! Just remember when you leave the beach tonight to take all your belongings home with you. Apparently if you freeze glow sticks they will ‘snap’ and light up again!

Enjoy your mid-autumn festivities
DB Green

Mid Autumn beach sweep 15th 8am-10am- Email 14th Sep 08

Posted on September 14th, 2008 in Beach Clean-up,Events,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

Hi folks,
Enjoy the evening tonight for the lantern festival and join us in the morning to sort some of the rubbish into piles between 8am- 10am and see if we can assess the main causes of the rubbish. See the poster attached and down at the beach.
There should be some recycle bins on or around the beach this evening- at least we asked for some- so use them for your recyclables. Maggie also tells me if you freeze glow sticks after use they will work again for a shorter period- however I would urge you not to use this as a reason to buy a hundred!
Have a great night- I’m heading down now with a bacon and egg pie and a jug of Pimms! How very British that sounds! Maybe I’ll see you there!

Email 8th July

Posted on July 7th, 2008 in Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

Hemingway’s Tuesday Night/ Flea Market/ Next Meeting/ Food for thought
Hi All,
Busy time for all you remaining folk enduring Hong Kong’s summer but a few things of interest I must pass on….

Firstly tomorrow night (Tuesday night) the good people at Hemingway’s are showing a movie- see attachment of movie poster. Gary says… ” it is a conservation issue close to home, the Sharks Fin issue. If you haven’t seen Sharkwater yet, you should it’s amazing and in the same way “Inconvenient Truth” was scary, this one has some very cold hard truths.” Hemingway’s is donating 20% of their evenings takings to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society- show starts at 8pm- be there!

Yes – I know – 2 weeks ago already- but must thank the wonderful people who made such a big effort to get down to the plaza and help. Big thanks to Dana for taking it on and organising everyone and for the volunteers. From Dana: “The flea market went well.. We made $2,130….. Luckily we were in the shade, and we have the same two stalls for next year. The following people helped on the stall – Josephine, Srena, Yunani, Tracey, Niamh, Masako, Gaelle and Meredith. I hope I haven’t missed anyone else but it was a bit hectic and I am pathetic with names and faces! When you do your thank you, please apologise in case I forgot anyone….”
Thanks to Masako and Josephine for registering for next time- I hate that job! Dana says a couple of nice items left- a foot massager valued at $1720 never used- and an IPOD leather cover valued at $240 still in box with tag on it. Please feel free to make an offer on either item. Next flea market is 21st September.

The last meeting had about the same number of people show up in the morning as evening so I will try and alternate meetings morning to evening- next meeting Monday night, July 28th at 7:30pm Pacific Coffee. Hope to see you there. All welcome.

Thought this You Tube Gaelle sent was an excellent speech from a young 13 year old girl- really gave me some more things to think about! Watch it! And another interesting article (also from Gaelle) about using biofuels in Hong Kong- needing restaurants to hand over there used oil- looks like a step in the right direction..

Have a great week!

Tree Planting/June Meeting/Flea Market/Beach Cleanup (email 1st of June)

Posted on May 31st, 2008 in Events,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

Hi DB Green members,

A few things going on in June I hope you can be a part of! As always what we need most is some more man power- read on to see where your man/woman/kiddie power can help in June!……

That’s right- just when you thought it was safe to mention tree planting without being roped into doing any more, the fabulous people at Kadoorie farms have offered us a deal in recognition of the benefits of the project and it is an opportunity too fantastic not to take up! You may remember we wanted to plant some Banyan trees but at $400 a pop there would be only a limited number but they have very generously offered us 55 trees including some Banyans at only $5 each!!!
June is a busy month for John and myself and the only day we could both be present was the 7th June- the weekend of the dragon boat racing. As it is not too many trees we hope that we can still manage to get about 10-20 volunteers to pop up towards the Lookout in the morning about 10am till 12 noon to plant them out. Please make your way there for your absolutely last opportunity (I’m almost 100% sure) to plant trees this year.
With even just 11 people at 5 trees each it shouldn’t take us more than a couple of hours. But getting 11 people can sometimes be more difficult than you might think!
HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE (if you’re not rowing your team to stardom!)

HELP!! I am in NZ that weekend and I can not run any of our 3 stalls. We need several volunteers to help run it from 12 noon to 5pm. And a few others to stand in line to get stalls for the next flea market in September. It is always a lot of fun and great to meet people and there are plenty of bargains to be had for both shoppers and vendors. It is also a wonderful opportunity to break the chain of buying only new ‘stuff’ and giving those unwanted items another life. If you want to donate some goods bring them down to one of the stalls and if you can donate an hour or 2 of your time to help on the stall I’m sure that would be much appreciated. Please reply with times you can help on the day. At the moment I know of only one person who can be there and she will need a lot more support.
Also there is a stall for use by any of you if you like to sell your own things and keep the money or donate to a cause of your choice. Any takers?

It has been suggested that some of you would like to get to the meetings but as they are usually in the evening, some of you are unable to make it. So this month we will try a 10am meeting at Peony (the Chinese restaurant upstairs). Please sketch in your diary the Thursday the 26th of June. All welcome.

Tracey and Salina are again planning a beach cleanup for you to enjoy before you leave on school holidays! We’ll clean those beaches from 9am-12noon after which the good people at Hemingway’s are putting on a BBQ at the beach for us!!! Mark the date in your diary and don’t leave town till the Monday! Watch this space for more details.

That’s it for now,
Have a great month and keep it green. Hopefully there is at least one DB Green event you can participate in! Your support is our biggest asset!


Final tree planting this year (email 5th May)

Posted on May 5th, 2008 in Events,Group emails past to present,Tree Planting by Kate Wade

Hi DB Greenies,

John is back and has set this Saturday (the 10th) to get the remaining 200 seedlings in the ground. Go to the Lookout from 10am onwards and look for the signs on the left hand side of the concrete road leading to the Lookout. Please make your best effort to get up sometime during the day to get the remainder of those plants in the ground.

This week we will tally up the donations. At a guess the approximate value in donations and fundraising from the clothes sale would be around $15500 dollars (I’ll check at bank tomorrow) with the remaining $2000 to come from the DB Green account or any remaining donations. Plus we would still like to plant some banyan trees at extra cost of $400 per tree. Any last donations this week can either come up on Saturday to the site or donate online to the DB Green account at HSBC 571 213511 001.
BIG Thanks to all of you who have donated so generously to help with this project and to those who have done the hard work digging. I believe the whole experience has been very rewarding. There is something great about getting back to nature and getting your hands dirty toiling in the soil- I found it very uplifting. I may just burst into song!!

I do hope to see many of you up for this last plant for this year- many hands make light work- and then your muscles can relax and regroup for next years continuation of our DB Feng Shui Woodland. Nearly 1000 trees has been a great way to start, and who knows what luck may come to our communities and families within this next year thanks to all of us setting the ‘Qi’ in DB right again! A quick search in Wikipedia on Feng Shui tells me it is believed to achieve harmony with one’s environment and help create healthy, sustainable homes. And who could say no to that!

Have a good week- don’t work too hard- save some energy for Saturday! I’m away till late Friday so if you have any questions please email John at



cardboard boxes/meeting summary/recycling (email 25th April)

Posted on April 25th, 2008 in Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

Hi all,
Just a quick round up of last nights meeting plus if anyone needs any boxes for packing up/moving house please contact Roxana- here’s her email:
As we have just moved house I now have a garage full of cardboard boxes – already flattened – about 70 in total medium size…If anybody wants any boxes to please feel free to come and collect them – as many as they want from 230 Seabee Lane. Tues, Thurs & Sat after 10.30am are the best days. My mobile is 61031440. I will only be hanging onto them for a week before shipping them off.
Meeting Thursday 24th April
Topics discussed:
Tree planting– more tree planting will be needed to finish off the last bunch. Peter Shaw gave us a rundown of last weekends planting which sounded like hard going plus I’ve attached an article written by one of the volunteers and published in an Indian newspaper – it’s the article on the right entitled “Saluting India’s farmers” where the tree planting gets a mention. Still need more money please.
Glass recycling- I am almost 100% sure that the glass recycling that the marina club does goes to the rubbish but we need a definitive answer and possible solution to find out if a small company in Hong Kong might be interested in our glass…
Dana’s interview with recycling company– Because I haven’t got much time, here is a cut and past of Danas answers to my questions (in the attachment) from the actual recycling company who purchases from DB. We will get this into another format but in the meantime fill your boots on this- Dana said she was nearly jumping up and down she was so excited! I am too- the general theme is separate as much as you can and if in doubt put it in!
Water testing/Air testing
A few emails going around but no news at moment. I am going to write to Disneyland. Is anyone free to do a bit of research for me on the different ways you can release the fireworks- ie the stinky polluting way that Hong Kong does vs how it’s done at other Disneylands – better I believe but I need to know more. Volunteer to help me with this would be great.
Peter and Elspeth added some more. Please return any books you have to next meeting please. They also spoke of their eco holiday to Western Australia where they learnt and saw some Stramatolites- yes – I know- I’ll get them to write a little blurb about what they are and what else they saw and did. It sounds like a great holiday destination for learning more about all kinds of wondrous natural beings.

Will make next meeting Tuesday the 13th of May 7:30pm Pacific Coffee. Off to work- hope some of you can make it to movie on Sunday- have a great weekend!!!

Sunday 27th April in Mui Wo

Posted on April 25th, 2008 in Events,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

Sunday in Mui Wo
Here’s some of an email I’ve been forwarded for an event on Sunday (see attachment) and I’m most upset I’m not here- it sounds like it could be quite inspirational and be as life changing to me as An Inconvenient Truth was. Is anyone able to go and report back?

Dear all
I have attached a flyer for a screening of the award winning documentary ‘The End of Suburbia’ on Sunday 27 April at OWLS in Mui Wo from 10am-1pm. I think it’s an important film that shouldn’t be missed, and I hope as many people as possible will come to see it. It’s in English, though, so a good command of English is essential.
I’m hoping this will set in motion a process whereby we as a community look at ways of reducing our dependence on oil, hand-in-hand with reducing our CO2 emissions. In other words, we take positive steps to tackle, at a local level, the twin catastrophes of global warming and peak oil. My inspiration comes from the Transition Initiatives movement currently ‘going viral’ in Britain and elsewhere, the aim of which is to move from ‘oil dependency to local resilience’. Just some of the initiatives undertaken by these transition towns – plus a couple of ideas I’ve thrown in – are as follows:

* Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP) – setting targets to reduce fossil fuel dependence
* local food directory
* reskilling workshops – preserving food; making a compost heap; organic vegetable gardening, etc.
* seed swap days
* building bridges to local councils
* business swap shops
* oil vulnerability auditing for businesses
* local money – the Totnes pound
* Chinese herbal medicines
* farming with buffalo
* forest gardens
* roof greening
* renewable energy tours
* solar panel installation
* transition town cloth shopping bags

The list is limited only by our imaginations and willpower. The potential of a transition town is great, and it can be a tremendously positive force, rebuilding resilience and cooperation within the community and restoring hope and purpose to the individual. This is something to fight for instead of something to fight against. Everyone is welcome.
The first step, however, is to get a clear idea of the predicament we’re in. Turning a blind eye – the act of denial – is criminal. The future of our children is at stake.
I hope to see you all at OWLS next week.
Don Latter

I hope some of you can make it. The ferry from DB Nim Shue Wan ferry pier is at 8:45am ( so you could nab a quick breakfast at a local restaurant before joining the movie goers. Or of course you could walk over. Details of location is on the flyer.

EVENTS in April- it’s a busy busy month! (email 4th April)

Posted on April 4th, 2008 in Events,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

Hello all,

I have got quite behind lately on letting you know everything that is going on so here is all the events coming up this month and there is A LOT!! Get out your diaries:

Tomorrow Saturday the 4th of April- Wine and Cheese Evening Again
My family all left tonight for Sydney so I’m by myself for a few days and wouldn’t you know those fantastic people at BCC Pacific have donated their latest samples to DB Green a few days ago. Seeing I had so much fun with a wine and cheese evening selling the samples last time I thought it would be a great opportunity to do a very last minute one tomorrow say from 6pm till 9pm for DB Green people and their friends before showing the public. My address is 2B, Block 2, Siena 2- that’s the first Siena lowrise as you head towards the tunnel on the corner of the main road and the road down to the Siena club. If you can’t make that time but would really like to see The Earth Collection samples I am probably home in the afternoon- just call me on 98109070 and you could come round and help hang them up with me while you search for the latest fashion that catches your eye. It will be great prices again!! And it would be great to see some of you in a social environment that is not picking up rubbish or wielding a pick axe!

Sunday the 5th of AprilWe have a stall at the Open Air Market- this is a great opportunity to talk to passers by about pet topics and even sell some clothes from The Earth Collection. As I haven’t let anyone know until now, I have no volunteers to help me on Sunday so I would really love any help, from helping to set up about 9:45am through till 5pm. Any assistance for an hour or 2 at any time during the day would be appreciated!! I will also collect money for the tree planting on this day.

Saturday and Sunday the 12th and 13th April- Tree Planting
Tree Planting from 10am till 4pm on both days. Pop up for an hour or 2 on either day between those times. Go up the main road that takes you to the golf course and at the dirt road that leads to the Lookout you’ll see some signs for the tree planting site. John and Tiareti and the team will be there with all the necessary equipment and a container for that donation you may feel like making- but it is not necessary to donate to still participate in the planting. Likewise the reverse is equally agreeable- if you don’t want to plant but you do want to donate then fill your boots! See attachment. This is also the day for inviting the DB public so all are welcome!

Sunday the 20th April- Flea MarketThe 3 monthly flea market. This is a wonderful way to have your items get a second life before they get recycled so bring those goods you no longer need or want down to the plaza at 12 noon. We have 3 stalls this time. I thought it could be neat for our members to have one stand for themselves to sell any particular items they want to keep the cash for, or if they want to donate to another charity. Eleanor is going to put out some items to raise money for the La Leche League and you are welcome to do the same for a cause you like, or your own wallet. Warning though- the spaces are pretty small so please don’t take up all the room and take home your items at the end of the day or donate to the Salvation Army. Likewise for the DB Green double stall we will have to take the items over to the Salvation Army at the end of the day as we just can’t store it- so if you have things that you’ve donated that didn’t sell- (and sometimes great things get lost amongst the enormous amount of goods) and you would like to see it have another chance rather than go to the Salvos, then please come and take it home at 5pm. The single stall number for any of you is 111 (just a few items each please) and the double stall for DB Green is 17 and 18. Again VOLUNTEERS will be needed to help out on the day. Pleeeaaase!! It’s always chaos, and I’m flying through the night to get back so I won’t have slept and will unlikely to be able to string a sentence together- I may need assistance to tell customers what the thingamedacky next to the whatchacallit costs.

Thursday the 24th April- Next Meeting7:30pm on Thursday the 24th of April at Pacific Coffee. Everyone is welcome.
Topics of discussion will be:
– the progress of the tree planting project,
– the latest on the recycling bins status
– news on the interview Dana did with the recycling company that buys DB’s recycling- VERY good news (Dana said she was so happy she was nearly jumping up and down and as she is a great sceptic I would have liked to see that!)
– swapping any green books or articles you have to share (please bring back any you have)
– general sharing of ideas
We would love to see you there!

Now I think that is quite enough for one month!! In May there may be a touch more tree planting to finish off any remaining seedlings, another Open Air Market on the 4th of May I’d like volunteers for, and another meeting. So far that’s it.

Please try and make it to one or all of the events especially the tree planting and have fun!!

Hope to see you tomorrow night at my place!


No tree planting this weekend- 4th April 2008

Posted on April 4th, 2008 in Group emails past to present,Tree Planting by Kate Wade

Hi all,

Just to let you know that due to constraints with HKR for this Sunday we are unable to do any tree planting this weekend but it looks like we are on for next weekend the 12th and the 13th. Sorry to all of you who made plans for the weekend based around Sundays gardening day- I do hope you can make the following weekend.

I will get John to send out information to everyone during the week as I am away again (wedding 4 for this year!) but plans so far are to have planting on both days from 10am till 4pm. Please come up to the Lookout for an hour or two on either or both days and don’t forget to bring some dosh for the tree planting funds as we want to reach that $17500 bill and we’re at about $3500 right now. If you can’t make next weekend and want to donate please come to the plaza on SUNDAY for the open air market. We will have a stall there and I will have a bucket you can donate to. If you can’t make that then email and make a pledge and we’ll get the cash off you when we can!

I will attach the poster John has made- if you can think of some places around DB you are able to post it then by all means print it out and let your fellow DB friends and colleagues know about it. The weekend of the 12/13th is open to the public. Just be sure to be patient with equipment if everyone turns up at once and if, by chance, you have a spade and pick axe, bring it along!

Have a great weekend!


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