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Exercise with the trees and household cleanup- email 4th Dec ’10

Posted on December 4th, 2010 in Group emails past to present,Tree Planting by Kate Wade

Hi folks,

Our trees are suffering with the lack of rain so John will be watering them from 10am till 1pm today. If you were planning on going to the gym or going for a hike or bike ride then why not bring your exercising buddies and exert your energy for good today. There’s even the Indian water pumper /stepper if you’re looking for a more traditional work out! Watering trees is heavy work and great exercise- you may even find those muscles that customarily don’t get worked as much. For those of you wanting gentle exercise we can have you walking around with a hose.
You can find John up the hill on the way to the Lookout point. Head up towards the golf course- about 2/3rds up take a right at the concrete road that heads to the Lookout- go about 50m and look out for signs of life on your left.
Many hands make light work so any help is great!
Can’t find John- call him on 94575548.

Also for those of you living in the Greens or Siena 2 or Peninsula there is a furniture exchange day today (like council cleanup in Australia/NZ)- take out any unwanted or broken furniture, household items etc to designated spots in your village (see the poster in your lobby) and they will be picked up free of charge. Passers by are welcome to take any items they find useful. You have till 5pm tomorrow. If you would like to see your village get involved in this for next time let me know.

Have a great weekend!


DB Green Newsletter — May 09

Posted on May 25th, 2009 in Beach Clean-up,Events,Group emails past to present,Resources,Tree Planting by Michele Felder

Upcoming DB Green Events
Beach Clean-ups: Sunday, June 14th and Sunday, July 12th
–Meet: Nim Shue Wan beach from 9am- 1pm

Tree Planting: Saturday & Sunday May 30 & 31
–Meet: Golf Course road, path to pagoda, across the stream to the left of the path

Project Updates
Tree planting – Round 2 Complete!
After five Saturdays and Sundays spent digging holes, planting seedlings, watering trees and enjoying picnic lunches, John Horwood with his supportive wife and family, and a long list of volunteers, completed the 2nd round of tree planting in the area near the pagoda, off the golf course road. A total of 360 new trees were planted, with varieties including Hog Plum, Ivy Tree, Hance’s Syzygium, two Chinese Banyan and a few Pomelo. Take a walk to the site and admire the foundations of the DB Conservation Area. Plant some more trees on May 30!

Beach Clean-up – May 10th
On May 10th, Mother’s Day, about 30 adults and children turned up for the 2nd beach clean-up of 2009, focused on Nim Shue Wan and Cheung Sha Lan beaches. We concentrated mainly on Nim Shue Wan, with a few hardy souls (Peter Shaw and Tracey Read) venturing beyond to do some work at Cheung Sha Lan. Excellent progress was made on removing both big and small items from the beach, even some left-over from Typhoon Hagupit last year. Afterwards, we all enjoyed a few sausages (including vegetarian) and cold drinks to celebrate our hard work. If you missed this one, don’t worry, the next event is June 14th!

“No junk mail”
As part of our campaign to ‘reduce’ the quantity of paper sent and then discarded, DB Green has kicked off a “no junk mail” project. Residents of Siena 2B received a sticker in their mailbox along with a village newsletter. For those who want to reduce their junk mail (and reduce waste) they can put the sticker on their mailboxes. Magazine racks were also installed in the high-rises to hold a limited number of fliers, allowing people to take only the fliers that interest them and return those they have finished with. We hope other villages will follow this example with Siena 1, Chianti, the Greens and Siena 2A next in line. More DB Green members are needed on the Village Owner Committees (VOC) to help these initiatives make faster progress.

The recycling program in DB is ticking along nicely. Dana and Kate have decided to go back to some basics by checking each and every rubbish room in DB to see if improvements can be made in communications or organization. They are starting with tower 2 of the Greens and have written a number of suggestions to Winson and the estate manager, correspondence here. They are implementing some small changes by the end of May to improve recycling rates, and then plan to move on to towers 1 and 3, followed by towers 4, 5, and 6. If you are a resident of the Greens and want to help with this initiative, please reply to this email and we’ll link you up with Dana or Kate.

If you notice your recycling is being mixed with the rubbish, please contact Winson immediately. A training class has been arranged to teach the cleaners what is recyclable. All the cleaners should have participated in it by now, but education is a process and may need reminders now and again. If you or your neighbours need a reminder about what is and isn’t recyclable in Hong Kong, look here

Be the change you want to see in the world!
***Reduce your plastic footprint!***
While plastic has been an amazing addition to our lives, it has also become an increasing environmental challenge – filling our oceans, waterways, beaches, and landfills. Unfortunately, it never biodegrades and only 5% of the millions of tons produced annually, is recycled.

What you can do:
• Say “no thank you” when offered a plastic bag for shopping
• Bring your own plastic drink bottles
• Say “no way” to polystyrene take-away containers
• Recycle everything you can
• More tips here

Links and Resources
• Ever wondered how to say “no plastic bag” in Cantonese? Check out this list of useful enviro-friendly Cantonese and Mandarin phrases.
List of some organic shops in Hong Kong
• An article on how to reduce your environmental impact by eating more organic food
• DB environment discussion forum on Way-to-Go web site
Project Kaisei focused on cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean
• LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) Square @ Star Ferry every Sunday- more info
• “All is One” video – we only have one world and everything on it is connected

Tree Watering Monday Morning/Next Meeting – Email Feb 1st

Posted on February 1st, 2009 in Events,Group emails past to present,Tree Planting by Kate Wade

Hi DB Green,

Feeling like some Monday morning exercise? John is back for some watering tomorrow morning- if you’re available head up the hill towards the Lookout and look for the signs. Wear long trousers, shirt and bring drinking water and a big bucket or watering can if you have one- if not don’t worry- there is some up there.

Next meeting Tuesday 10th February, Pacific Coffee, 7:30pm.
I have been advertising on website a meeting the next day at 10 but will now be working so cancel that if you’ve put in your diary already.

Hope your weekend is going well!


Can you help at FLEA MARKET today- email 18th Jan

Posted on January 18th, 2009 in Events,Fund Raising,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade


If you are free for an hour or 2 today between 11 and 5 come down to the plaza and give us a hand at the DB Green Flea Market stall (numbers 9 and 10). More helpers required to help sell and we also need 3 people to stand in line to reregister for the next flea market. Registration starts about 2pm- bring a drink and a book or a friend to chat to as it can take a while. There are also plenty of bargains to be had and we have ALOT of stuff which we won’t possibly be able to put out in one go, so keep coming back to see what’s new. Remember buying second hand saves our precious natural resources (not to mention your pocket)! Call me on 98109070 if you can’t find the stall. Today is also the day that the Salvation Army does a pick up from the plaza so if you have any items that they want bring it down.

The usual spot.

Hope to see you down at the plaza today! It looks like another beautiful day!

A busy 2 months!

Posted on October 16th, 2008 in Events,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

The recycling day on Sunday 12th October worked out well and I hope lots of people walked away knowing a little or a lot more about recycling! Thankfully the weather was good- none of the forecast rain and the displays and banners of information got plenty of attention. Big thanks to the people running the stalls: Gaelle, Tracey, Salina, Joan, Michelle, Chris, Dana and the helpers who gave them a break every now and then. Big thanks to Salina for getting all our information onto banners in a very short period of time and making them look legible and more interesting then I could ever hope to do AND for designing the poster. And to Michelle for standing up to talk about recycling to the crowd with virtually no warning. The school displays were great from DC the Wall-e world and DBIS did posters plus the green fingers club made some school students out of glowsticks from the beach cleanup after the lantern festival. They all looked awesome! Check out the photos here. All in all a successful day and we hope to do it again next year.

It has been a very busy couple of months, 4 beach cleanups, 1 open air market, one flea market, 2 meetings, Mariner Environmental Night and the big effort for the Recycling Day. There is a little time for a breather but still lots coming up so as always helpers and volunteers very welcome.

For Dana, Michelle and I in the recycling team this project has uncovered a need to attack and sort out the recycling on a village level so there will be a fair bit of work involved in that with city management and Winson.

No doubt there will be beach cleanups coming along to handle the debri from Cyclone Hagupit. Our 2 emergency beach cleanups the week before made a HUGE difference to this end of Nim Shue Wan beach- this time there was even removal of boats- check out the photos for Saturday 4th and Tuesday 7th. But there is still much to go to especially on the other side of the pier and Cheung Sha Lan beach. We used skips this time so will try to do that again. Standby for details.

The flea market is always fun and we raised nearly $1600- with lots of items just selling for a few dollars there was a large volume of ‘stuff’ getting a chance at a second life! A VERY BIG THANKYOU to the people helping out on the day- if I start listing the helpers I am going to forget someone so I apologise in advance for not thanking you personally- it was a really HOT day and you worked tirelessly so you deserve a slap on the back!! We had fun together and hope to see you for the next one in December. Start saving up those items for someone else to get better use of. I am going to tell my family this is where they can find me a Christmas present this year (with the added bonus that if I don’t like it I can put it out for the flea market in March!)

The Mariner Club education night was organised by Michelle and it was well attended. There were 3 presenters, Michelle for DB Green on recycling , a gentleman on the sewerage holding tanks that are required to be fitted to each DB Mariner boat by Jan 1 and finally talking about using chemicals in your home- not good for the fishies- or you. This presenter told us that recent studies in America have shown that woman working at home have 54% higher chance of cancer than those with jobs away from home and it has been credited to the chemicals we use in our households that simply aren’t good for us. Big thank you to the Mariner Club who put on a free drink and food for the evening plus provided the bouncy castle for kids and games to play. We will look to do more evenings like this for different villages- focusing on recycling for all members of the household.

I think I’ve covered other events in previous emails so I’ll leave it at that. I’ll be away with my family for a few weeks- they’ve missed me lately! I’ll let you know what’s coming up as and when it arises.

BIG THANKS to all of you for your support and participation- it has been a crazy exhausting couple of months but alot of fun- and more so because of the people volunteering whose company has made it so enjoyable! I must give special thanks to my husband Nick who has done so many jobs with each event and not received nearly enough credit!

RECYCLING DAY Sunday 12th October- email sent 11th Oct ’08

Posted on October 11th, 2008 in Events,Group emails past to present,Recycling by Kate Wade

Hi All,
Just a reminder it’s the culmination of my life’s work (OK- well the last 18 months then) tomorrow in the plaza with recycling day from 11- 5. Hope you can make it!!
Bring down any recycling (towels, blankets, household items, electrical appliances, plastics, metals, paper or anything you are unsure about and we’ll give you the answer) to enter the draw for some great prizes.

Our businesses have donated very generously with:
Hemingway’s – a dinner for 2
Zac’s – 12 bottles of wine
Mc Sorleys- 6 x $100 vouchers
Uncle Russ- 3 x 5 coffee vouchers
Dymocks- 5 x $100 vouchers
PnS or should I say Fusion- Ecover products
DB Green- 2 x Going Green in Hong Kong
– 3 kiddies books on the environment

We will have stalls about
– polystyrene from Tracey and Salina
– disposable nappies and batteries from Gaelle
– a display of recycled products you can buy in Hong Kong from Michelle
– an information table form the Ark Eden people from the other side of the hill
– a display for junk mail from Joan and a petition to sign to get rid of it
-Winson will be collecting all your recycling and you’ll be able to see exactly what can and can’t be recycled
-Dana or myself will be nearby to answer all your recycling questions with some pamphlets and lots of informative banners
-from Dana a “What is your village doing to help you recycle?” whiteboard display where you can see what village is being proactive- ….and which ones aren’t
– Winson will have a display telling us just how much we recycle in DB total and per unit- should be interesting to see if the villages with recycling bins in each rubbish room match the highest recycling- me thinks there will be a very strong correlation (proving it’s not OK for your village to say bins down the road are sufficient!)
– the residents club will have forms to convert your paper bill residents club bill to an e-bill
– a kids area showing the magic school bus episodes and some YouTube clips plus colouring in that we can stick up on display
-we have a display of our own trashed planet WALL-E style from the Discovery College students plus some ideas for painted rubbish bins from the art club
– a display of art work from DBIS and maybe something from the green fingers club..
– EPD has games displays and is giving a 15 min talk
-The story of stuff looping on a TV for you
and HEMINGWAYS is showing some kids movies so you can enjoy some lunch while the kiddies learn more about trashing our planet
-and the band Bambi
and I have probably left something out.

And if I haven’t got through to you at the end of this, that recycling actually happens and please get started, then there’s just no hope I’ll ever convince you!

I could do with some help around 10am to move displays from the city management office (opposite the loading dock for PnS) to the plaza and some help during the day for manning the displays- we’ll teach you everything you need to know while we get a bite to eat. Some volunteers to help with the designated kiddies drawing tables near Mc Sorleys would be good. Any older offspring might be ideal for an hour or 2.


Don’t forget to bring some thing for recycling!

Kate Wade.

Emergency beach cleanup- tomorrow- email 6th Oct 08

Posted on October 6th, 2008 in Beach Clean-up,Events,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

Hi DB Green,
Part 2 of the EMERGRENCY BEACH CLEANUP tomorrow morning (Tuesday) 9am – 12 noon. If you weren’t able to make the first one last Saturday, tomorrow is your chance. Salina and I will be down just before 9 ready to do battle with rubbish on this beautiful natural beach. Why not invite all your friends and family and bring a picnic on the beach to enjoy afterwards. Here is Salina’s write up and photo link from Saturday’s beach cleanup…..
See you tomorrow,
Kate 🙂

Thank you to all the wonderful people who helped to clean up Nim Shue Wan last Saturday.
The forecast was for heavy rain, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the sun shining through the clouds, and so many people showing up to lend a hand. With 33 people (that’s 66 hands!), we accomplished a lot.

We focused on the area close to the DB entrance of Nim Shue Wan, where a lot of rubbish gets pushed ashore by the tide. We were able to collect/salvage practically all the recyclable plastic and metal in the area, making sure with City Management and Winson that the skip we filled with the recyclables would be going directly to their recycling contractor. A lot of dead vegetation and timber was piled high, along with lots and lots of bags of general beach rubbish, which have been left on the beach for collection by the Food Environmental Hygiene Department on Thursday, October 9. (Although attempts have been made to urge the speedy collection of the bags, the FEHD are unfortunately bombarded with calls for rubbish collection at several locations since Typhoon Hagupit.)

Photos of the cleanup can be viewed here .It really is amazing to see what a difference many hands can make!

I wish to thank each and every one of you who came to help – the beach cleanup ‘regulars’, the people who were just passing by and decided to help, the first time volunteers, the staff and students from Discovery College who helped to raise awareness, and who actually came along to lend a hand with their families… It was a pleasure meeting you all! I look forward to seeing you all again, and to the opportunity of working together to clean the beach in the hopes of preserving our natural environment.

There will be another cleanup tomorrow (October 7) from 09:00-12:00.
Please join us if you can spare a little time. We hope to focus on the far end of the beach this time.


Sports Carnival/HK Earth Quest/Don’t forget the beach on Saturday- email sent 2nd Oct 08

Posted on October 3rd, 2008 in Events,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

Hi DB Green,

A couple of things to mention:


As many of you appreciate outdoors and sporting activities you may be
interested in the sports carnival in the plaza tomorrow (friday) afternoon.
The aim, as I understand it, is is to encourage HKR to have proper sports
grounds for the kiddies to play on and thereby fulfill their obligations to
provide the correct ratio of outdoor leisure facilities to apartments which
currently they are believed to be in breech of. Here is more information:


Is an environmental program that has been run in a number of countries and
is now being run in Hong Kong- here is some information about it.
“This quest is a search for everyday heroes and organizations who are
striving to improve their community and city environment.

Hong Kong residents and organizations are invited to nominate individual,
community, business and government initiatives. Nomination categories
include water, air, energy, biodiversity, built environment, waste reduction
and transport. Nominations will be accepted from Friday 1 August until
October 8th 2008. Following an assessment process all nominees will be
honored and outstanding projects awarded, at a celebration to be held on
Thursday 6 November 2008.
“Anyone can be an Earth Champion – rich or poor, old or young” said Fiona
Matthews the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder. “We’ve had
champions as old as 93 and the youngest was 8” purpose of our Quests are to
assist communities and later nations to rapidly discover their own
ecological knowledge by identifying people and organisations who are
exceptional in the areas of water, energy, transport, biodiversity, air,
waste reduction and the built environment. Everyday people often have the
answers, but not the voice to let it be known that there are hundreds of
excellent solutions in their region. They are often modest unsung heroes
that local people know and are happy to nominate.
Further details about Earth Champions and the Quest can be found here along with the
online nomination form . ”

Nominations close on October 8th. Many of you are experts in many areas of
helping the environment so why not nominate yourself, your business or those
businesses around you.

And don’t forget ..

EMERGENCY BEACH CLEANUP SATURDAY 4th Oct Nim Shue Wan Beach 9am- 12noon

For more info see beach cleanup page. I’m trying to get a skip put near the Nim Shue Wan fence that you can empty the rubbish straight out of the hessian bags straight into.
Also collect plastics for recycling and leave in plastic bag by fence for Winson to pick up at 1pm. We will also aim to continue this on Tuesday same times. EVERYONE WELCOME!! Salina is the organiser for the day. If you need to contact her I’ve CC’d her email address above or check the website for
the latest information.

Here is some extra info for Saturday’s beach cleanup in case of inclement

1. If heavy rain – do not go to the beach. Come on Tuesday from 0900-1200
2. If there is no rain or its a slight drizzle – Come if you can, as Salina
will be there. Contact for any inquiries.

Thanks everyone,

Keep it green!


Emergency beach cleanup Saturday/Open Air Market Sunday- email 30th Sep 08

Posted on October 2nd, 2008 in Beach Clean-up,Events,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

Hi all,
So much has been going on and needs to be discussed that I’m not sure where to start. Let’s start with the most urgent- this weekend and I’ll save the rest for another email shortly.

Salina is organising an emergency cleanup day at Nim Shue Wan on Saturday and we want as many people as can possibly make it to get down there between 9am and 12noon. If you haven’t seen the destruction to the beaches and the absolute monstrous piles of rubbish from this last typhoon you will be surprised. It has never ever been this bad. (And such a shame coming so close after our International Coastal Cleanup last Saturday. Salina has written a summary of that event on the website and I’ve included it at the bottom of this email. Thankyou to all you great helpers and Hemingway’s for the after BBQ!)
The good news is that apparently a good turnout at Mui Wo beach last Sunday cleared much of the beach there- so it IS possible- and the other good news is that there is plenty of recyclables down there in the form of plastics. Most metal has already been scavenged as it is worth a fair bit of money- (you should have seen the thriving business on Friday with every man and his dog selling metal to the recycling company- photos on our Flickr site under recycling- Winson sept ’08) While plastics does not get the monetary return metal does it is still recycled so this would be a good place to start. All plastic gets recycled from bottles to bottle tops, buckets and containers of every shape and form, plastic bags and packaging! Try and empty out the contents of sand and water first and if you can, crush to decrease the space required for transportation though not essential. We hope to have some grey bags for you that are used for recycling in DB at the moment. There is a little old lady down there also who collects plastics- you could give to her or leave down the fence end of the beach to be picked up by Winson. Salina will be there and we won’t be doing registration this time- wear good foot wear as the rubbish is piled high.

OPEN AIR MARKET Sunday 10 am till 5pm
Denise is going to organise this day as I am away and she will need some helpers down during the day. You can turn up to the DB Green stall or if you can help her setup give her a call on 98326277 or email Please give her a hand if you have a free hour to sell the generously donated Earth Collection Clothes.

“ICC BEACH CLEANUP SEPTEMBER 20th- Salina’s write up…
A great big thank you to all those who took the time to come down to Nim Shue Wan and Cheung Sha Lan beaches on September 20 for the International Coastal Cleanup.
It was DB Green’s second International Coastal Cleanup, and we are so pleased to have started what is now an annual tradition in DB, giving individuals a chance to take part in an important global effort that raises awareness to the issues of marine debris. The International Coastal Cleanup, and all other regularly held beach cleanups, allow us to take a good hard look at the current state of our oceans… and at our responsibility to protect the ocean from harm.
Tons of rubbish, much of it plastic, can be picked up on beaches around the world on any given day. Rubbish layers the ocean floor and kills marine life that mistakes it for food. It has become increasingly necessary to actively work to improve the state of our ocean by taking matters into our own hands. It’s the little things that count, like, joining a beach cleanup whenever you can, making sure to recycle, use reusable bags and containers – ensuring that you’re not contributing to debris, on land and in the ocean.
With the help of volunteers, the beach cleanups allow us to coordinate with and report to the Marine and Environmental Protection Departments, raising awareness to the issues and behaviours that cause beach and marine debris. We hope that with the continued support and commitment of all the amazing volunteers, we will be able to collectively ‘take matters into our own hands’, to improve the health of our ocean, and to really make a difference.
We got some fantastic results for the ICC last Saturday. It was an incredibly hot day! Thank you all for braving the heat and meticulously recording all the rubbish picked! Our results will be included in the Ocean Conservancy’s annual report for 2008.
Thank you again!
Here is a break down of our results:
Beaches cleaned: Nim Shue Wan beach, Cheung Sha Lan beach Total number of volunteers on the beaches: 59 Total weight of rubbish collected: 238 kg Total number of rubbish bags filled: 43 Most peculiar items found: A message in a bottle, a bicycle, drawers, an unused pack of sanitary pads.
Most disturbing find of the day: 52 syringes Top 10 most numerous item collected:
1. Food wrappers/containers
2. Caps, lids
3. Straws, stirrers
4. Cups, plates, forks, knives, spoons
5. Cigarettes, cigarette filters
6. Fishing lines
7. Rope
8. Plastic bags
9. Clothing, shoes
10. Cigarette lighters”

Flea Market Today 12-5pm – email 21 Sep, 08

Posted on September 21st, 2008 in Events,Fund Raising,Group emails past to present by Kate Wade

Lovely day for it! Any one free for an hour to help would be great? And two people to stand in line to register for the next one? (I’m still short of helpers at the moment.)
I think we are near the bank/post office area with a double stall. I’m wearing a grey top/black trousers if you don’t know me.
Any items you want to donate you can bring down. Suggested price would help me out.
The flea market is a really great green activity because it encourages the second most important R of the 3 R’s- REUSE. IF you can buy second hand rather than new you are decreasing the requirement for more stuff to be made from our precious and declining resources. Likewise things you don’t use anymore can find their purpose again in someone else’s home. Your shopping at the flea market can be guilt free! Don’t forget to bring down you own bags for taking home that surprise item that tickles your fancy!
My number is 98109070 if you can’t find me.
See you there,

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